The Salman Khan starrer Tubelight has finally hit the theatres yesterday. The Kabir Khan directorial is one of the biggest films of this year. The actor’s fans have high hopes for the Eid release and hope that the film will add another feather to Salman’s cap as he is known for his Eid releases which are sure shot box office hits like Wanted, Sultan, Bajrangi Bhaijan. Now, here’s another record created by the film that will make all the Bhai fans immensely proud. Tubelight boasts of the biggest release for a Hindi film across the world with a whopping 5,550 screens geared to show the film. Set against the backdrop of 1962 Indo-China war, the film is releasing in 4,350 screens in India. It has edged past the record of Dangal (4,300) and Sultan (4,200). Outside India, it is hitting the theatres in 1,200 screens at traditional markets (UK, USA, Canada and the Middle East). But it is not releasing in Pakistan and the film’s fate at the China Box office hangs in balance. Meanwhile, it should be noted that Dangal and Sultan had got 1,000 screens overseas. Overall, Tubelight is releasing in 5,550 screens that are more than Dangal (5,300) and Sultan (5,200) tally. It should be seen to what extent this Salman Khan film is able to utilize the weekend and festival of Eid. Salman fans are devoted to him in Pakistan as well and one can only hope and pray that it releases in our neighboring country as well and in China too, as it has a subject close to Chinese people as well and speaks of India China Bhai Bhai and if it releases in China it is definitely going to do well like Aamir Khan’s Dangal did in China and maybe break China’s Dangal records too as China has more screens than India and more cinema going public than India. Salman enjoys immense popularity worldwide especially in the Middle East and it will rake in big moolah there too. Salman has had predecessors before like Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar, Mithun Chakraboraty, Amitabh Bachchan, Rajnikant, who were immensely popular overseas in countries like Soviet Russia, Malaysia, Pakistan, The Gulf countries etc but none can match the Salman magic. It’s time that Indian films and especially Hindi films made a foray into overseas territories which are still untapped and the distributors should make efforts to seek out markets other than the regular markets like Hollywood does. Only then India can get the budgets that Hollywood films do and the markets that Hollywood gets and now with Bahubali- 2 India has shown that we are almost at par with Hollywood films and the big studios in India should try to get the overseas markets into an upward range which would be beneficial for Indian films in the long run. And Tubelight surely will set a precedent for making the overseas territory a profitable proposition, and this might spell the end of a lean market for Hindi and other films overseas. Trade Magazine