Certificate: A

Director: Rahi Anil Barve

Starring: Sohum Shah, Mohammad Samad, Harish Khanna & Anita Date

Written by: Rahi Anil Barve, Anand Gandhi, Adesh Prasad & Mitesh Shah

Tumbbad, an actual village in Maharashtra, becomes the fabric of this tale. Incessant rain becomes the wrath of gods. The film is set during the latter part of the British Raj.  A young boy Vinayak Rao (Sohum Shah) is affected by a personal tragedy. He’s introduced to the legend of Hastar, a mythical creature born out of a goddess, but one who’s selfish urge for gold and food got the better of him. But Hastar’s treasure full of gold medallions is buried somewhere underneath the estate of the local zamindar in Tumbbad. Vinayak’s mother is the caretaker for the zamindar’s wretched wife, referred to as Dadi (grandmom), who is also believed to be cursed by Hastar. When he grows up and marries and has a son, Pandurang (Mohammad Samad), the boy wants even more than his father did. The greed grows with generations. They explore the local legend of the monster and his gold medallions.

TUMBBAD is a great film that is a unique combination of horror, drama and folktales. The mystery keeps you gripped till the end but falls a bit slow in parts.

Technically the film is wonderful. Cinematographer Pankaj Kumar has done a really nice job of painting a world of red monsters, gloomy surroundings and yellow-tinged long shots. Editing by Sanyukta Kaza was also good. Constantly keeps you engaged. The film has also been written quite well. The background score lifts the film up, especially in the scary scenes. The VFX and the CGI of the film is decent.

Performances from the actors have been brilliant. Sohum has portrayed Vinayak with ease and adds life to the character. Mohammad Samad as Pandurang is also great. The rest of the cast do their job quite well.

Director Rahi Anil Barve has woven this tale quite nicely and tells the audience a great story.


At the box-office

The film has opened to a lukewarm response but with a strong word of mouth, should help its investors.

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