Certificate: A

Director: Samir Soni

Starring: Sanjay Suri, Nora Fatehi & Zenia Starr

Writers: Samir Soni & Vrushali Telang

Music: Rajeev V Bhalla, Ajay Govind, Nitin K. Menon, Joy Barua & Pawan Rasaily

Sanjay Patel’s Union Leader revisits a subject that has all but disappeared from Hindi films – the organisation of industrial labour. Said to be based on true events, Union Leader, set in Gujarat, tells the story of the struggles of Jay Gohil (Rahul Bhat) who dares to take on the powerful mill owner Ketul (Mehul Buch). Exposure to chromium sulphate is causing cancer among the work force and Gohil and the workers demand that safety measures be put in place to prevent the menace. They also demand an increase in wages, which have remained stagnant for years. The head of their union is indifferent to their plight since he has sold his soul to the management. As more men succumb to the unsafe conditions in which they operate, another leader emerges from their midst. Reluctantly at first, and then more decisively, Jay Gohil (Rahul Bhat) takes it upon himself to ensure that his colleagues get justice and Apollo is set in order. Back home, Jay is kept in check by his pragmatic wife Geeta (Tillotama Shome) and his son Harsh (Tirth Sharma), who is picking up his first lessons in Gandhian thought by volunteering at the local Gandhi ashram. As the movie goes on, the end is something that you wouldv expected, even before you set foot in the hall to watch the film. As good as Rahul Bhat was in Ugly, here, he is passable as the hero leading the march. Tillotama Shome as the voice of caution and Tirth Sharma as the teenage son are commendable. The director has done a good job making a film on a concept that was as good as lost in Bollywood. you can see the genuineness in his direction here and it is a good effort for a first film. overall the film gives a good message but it will be hard for it to find the audience in the theaters to give the message to.


At the box-office

The film will struggle.

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