This week’s latest release SHAADI MEIN ZAROOR AANA faced a minor bump on its first day of the release. As a matter of fact, the makers couldn’t close all the loops with the multiplex and theatre owners prior to the actual release date. As a result, the movie couldn’t release all across India in the early morning show. The first show of the film was held at around noon pan India.

Now there can be an argument that multiplexes are on the wrong side. And at the same time people might also suggest that the producers and everyone involved in the release plan for the movie are ones in the wrong in this situation. I firmly believe that both the parties are to be blamed.

The reason I feel that both the parties are at fault here is because the makers cannot advertise showing their movie on any platform as soon as the movie is out in the cinemas. The multiplexes are against that broadly. The folks at the multiplex side of things are obviously being unreasonable when they hold a movie at gun point on its release date, like was the case with SHAADI MEIN ZAROOR AANA this week. But the other way the multiplex folks are at fault is that they cannot suggest a time frame to the makers. That time frame needs to come organically and mutually if anything.

In a way, the issue the multiplexes are raising are correct and has logic for the filmmakers only. The reason being that if we as filmmakers go ahead and want to telecast our movies on let’s say a digital platform; we should at least give it ample time to come out. When the movie releases and on the same day the makers release the ads promoting that their movie is going to be available on an XYZ digital platform in 3-4-5-6 weeks, why would the money paying audiences want to come out and watch the movie in the cinemas.

When you give audiences an option of watching the movie at the comfort of their home at a 10% of the actual cinema ticket price what do you reckon will they chose? I know what I would do and I’m sure a lot of you reading this would also pick which one as well. In a time when it is a real struggle to actually entice audiences enough for them to come out in the theatres how are we helping our cause when we are the ones who are to be blamed.

The industry leaders and influencers need to come together and find a solution for the same at the earliest or else we are going to be breaking stories like SHAADI MEIN ZAROOR AANA every single week and it won’t make for pretty reading. Trade Magazine