The Draconian GST imposed on Copyright of 12%, and 18% on actors and other technicians and the 28% on Entertainment tax has raised the ire of the entire industry as these high taxes will surely break the back of an already reeling industry with low ratio of successful films and higher ratio of flops. In South too, the tremors have been felt and under the leadership of actor-director-producer Kamal Haasan, they have raised a voice unanimously against this tax and Kamal has threatened to quit acting and leave the industry for good as he can’t see the producers or technicians suffering. Can such a leader emerge in the Hindi film industry too? There are some heavyweight industry leaders who can approach the ministers for a further consideration of the reduction of GST, especially when BJP leaders like Ashish Shelar are the benefactors of the film industry and can appeal to the authorities in a proper way and convince them to take a small step backwards and reduce this drastic tax. But not everything is lost as the CM Phadnavis and the I &B Minister Venkaiah Naidu and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley have all given assurances that the matter will soon be looked at and the reduction of GST is definitely on the cards. But what about our internal problems? There lies the rub too. The Film Industry has 04 Producer’s Association – IMPPA – IFTPC (AMPTTP) – The Film & Television Producers Guild of India and Western India Producers’ Association (WIFPA) but in this hour of crises for the existence they need to unite and come on a common platform to represent and also fight against Central and State Governments in the common interest of Film Industry. What is important, The Chair, Ego or saving the Film Industry? Pahlaj Nihalani though not connected with any of the Film Producer’s association but his love, respect and concern for the Film Industry made him take the initiative and he took few Industry Personalities overnight to Hon. Chief Minister and Finance Minister of Maharashtra and got the assurance to support the Industry. Now it is upto other leaders like Sajid Nadiadwala, Siddharth Roy Kapur, TP Aggarwal, Santosh Singh Jain, Ashoke Pandit, to come forward and unite the disjointed industry and come on a common platform and approach the authorities to give as much rebate as possible in GST and other issues so that there won’t be any unethical actions like the industry strike which was announced recently which will create thousands of crores of loss to the industry and everyone from the down worker to the corporate head honcho will be affected and of course the common man, the film goer, he will be affected too . So it is now the right time for all associations to come under a common umbrella and approach the authorities like our associates in the South industry have done. It’s not all lost yet and there is a silver lining to this cloud and the industry will be rid of this GST ghost. Trade Magazine