T-series’ latest single ‘Gal Ban Gayi’ starring Vidyut Jamwal and Urvashi Rautela is going viral on the Internet. This new peppy number is the recreation of Sukhbir’s hit track of 90’s ‘Gal Ban Gayi’. The sizzling Urvashi Rautela can be seen in a never-seen-before avatar which is being appreciated a lot. We had a quick chat with her about this new work of hers and how did she prepare for it.

“I am so glad that I am working with such talented people who are so mad and crazy about their work. I love that craziness when it comes to work”

‘Gal Ban Gayi’ is getting such a great response. How does it feel?

The song is doing extremely well specially in overseas like UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi. I am really happy. It’s a very different video if you go with the visuals. The director Sam has done an amazing job. This was my very first attempt into action. I am really happy that my fans and everyone is appreciating the action and hard work went behind doing that.

 Why did you accept to be a part of this song and what were the special preparations that you did?

The reason I accepted this was first of all I got to do sword fighting. I am already a trained Taekwondo player. Since childhood I have been into Marshal Arts and gymnastics. This is something which I do and I am completely into action but sword fighting was really something new for me. I prepared for it as it has to look convincing like a professional sword fighter. The sword fighting and the backward bending that you see in the track is all done by me. So, I am really happy that I got such a nice response. The song shows the girl as more stronger and dominant than the guy. That is something which I really liked. I don’t smoke and drink but for the video I learnt it on the set. I have do it and it was so difficult because I am not use to it.

How was it working with Vidyut, Sukhbir and Yo Yo Honey Singh?

It was a great pleasure working with Vidyut because I think he is a complete package. He is actually a star. Our chemistry is all through the track. People loved that. This is my second track with Yo Yo Honey Singh and both of us always enjoy working together. Unfortunately Yo Yo wasn’t here but he has done the rap part. Sukhbir is huge star and we all have been dancing to his tunes be it ‘Ishq Tera Tadpave’ or ‘Gal Ban Gayi’. It was my privilege to be part of revamped version of Sukhbir’s ‘Gal Ban Gayi’.

Doing a special song, does in help in being seen?

It depends on individual to individual. For me it was a chance to getting into the action space. This is something I know since my childhood but people are not so aware about it. I have done Taekwondo, Kathak and Kalaripayattu. This decision was more personal than the decision of being out there because if that was the reason you would see me constantly in so many movies. I am very particular about what I want to do. Doing ‘Gal Ban Gayi’ was more for my personal interest.

At such a young age, you came from nowhere & have made it big, how does it feel?

It is very welcoming. I really feel that Mumbai and Bollywood are like my family now. I feel that I have always belonged here since very beginning. It is nice to work with such a huge talent and extremely intelligent people here. I love that creativity whenever I go on set. I like to create something on my own. I am also interested in other fields of film-making but I think it’s too early and right now I want to focus on my present craft. This is a beginning to a very shining future. I am so glad and happy that I am working with such talented people who are so mad and crazy about this work. I love that craziness when it comes to work. The passion of people around really drives and motivates me to do my work with that zeal.

What do you think about dance? What is your feeling for it?

I am trained dancer in seven dance forms- Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Jazz, Ballet, Belly dancing, contemporary and Hip-Hop. Dance is something through which I express myself, the movements say it all, rather than words I love to talk through movements. It’s the most beautiful way to express.

Any special experience of ‘Gal Ban Gayi’ that you could share?

In ‘Gal Ban Gayi’, I have danced but I have done action more, especially sword fighting. So, it was a different platform because I have not only danced I have done more action in this video. The special experience is that I have trained myself a lot. I used to wake up early in the morning and start my sword fighting practice. I really got excited to learn and I thought that I won’t quit this art because it gives me immense confidence. There are very less people in Bollywood who possess this sword fighting skills.

How are you looking forward to your career in Bollywood?

My two films released this year ‘Sanam Re’ and ‘Great Grand Masti’ and I thank god everyone liked my work in both the films. Everyone appreciated me including my fans and people from Bollywood. I have this desire of doing a biopic on journey of a basket ball player because I am also a National level basketball player. I am not really in hurry to sign a movie but I am being approached for scripts and I am listening to many scripts. I will surely share if there would be any good announcement. I think my career is shaping up good. From directors to producers and actors has liked my work so far and I hope I will be giving my best to Bollywood.

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