Not many could have dared to fit into Salman Khan’s shoes when it comes to a film like ‘Judwaa’, but here’s Varun Dhawan who has created his own huge fan following in a short span of time. His comic timing and acting prowess have gathered immense appreciation and certainly the audience looks forward, as he teams up with his father yet again for ‘Judwaa 2’. Excerpts from the chat with the actor…

‘Judwaa 2’ is a re-boot which brings down to comparing it with the earlier ‘Judwaa’, what do you think about that?
I think when I signed the film, I did think that these were obvious things that will happen. The day I decided we are going to do this film and bring it in 2017; all these questions were going to come. I knew as an actor, while making a decision that all this will result in some incredible amount of buzz which you cannot create and it will be organic whether it is good or bad. Some people might not like it but few would say that it is nice and to actually know how the film is you need to go to theatres to watch the film and then decide.

How did you deal with the character when you had to play it the same all over again after so many years?

My character has a fresh approach and its different from the original and above all I had to play it my way. As you can’t use the same dialogues again and same circumstances, we had to change lot of things and we have changed lot of scenes in the film. The situations, story, screenplay and lot more things are changed in ‘Judwaa 2’ but, there are five or six iconic scenes which are used again. If you are a fan of the earlier ‘Judwaa’ you will remember the bathroom scene and more scenes which we have retained in this film, and if you are a very big fan then you will catch up on few other things which are similar too.

Why did you plan a re-boot when you could have a sequel of ‘Judwaa’ as it is still fresh in minds of people?

It’s been 20 years and I totally agree with you and I am a 90’s kid I have grown up watching all these things but you need to realise that as time passes there are children who are teens and they haven’t seen the older one and they are new cinema wooers and we need them. I will tell you from my dad’s perspective that this is a kind of genre which is not been made so much and only exists in India, this is ours and this is what we have created. Manmohan Desai is the one who created this genre and if you are cinema lover you will know he has made most successful films and my dad also loves his work. We have grown up watching those films and once a bad film is made everyone starts thinking that this is a genre which doesn’t work and films can’t be made, you have to evolve with the character and bring the change in treatment and this is the change we have shown.

“This is a kind of genre which is not been made so much and only exists in India, this is ours and this is what we have created”

Now a days, social media plays vital role in deciding the future of the film, what would you say about that and do you agree with it?

I totally agree with you, that twitter can’t decide the film because look at this year. Definitely there should be newer ideas and concepts like I saw ‘Shubh Mangal Savdhan’, also ‘Bareilly Ki Barfi’ I enjoyed watching. There are now new filmmakers who are making new films and I think instead of looking outwards we should look inwards.

How was it working with David Dhawan your father again for second time, did you feel any changes?

It was great, in fact he has this thing that he just wants to work with big stars (smiling) and this time he told me that he has chosen me for the film only because he thinks I am a star now. I feel he wouldn’t have made ‘Judwaa 2’ without me, but he wouldn’t have made it as my first film. David Dhawan has done 44 films and he is different in every film, the brand and genre is same and people think he is making comedy films but he is different in all of them. In this film I saw him working hard more on the story line and a lot harder on relationships. To recreate Nandu and Raja’s friendship and love, is storytelling and his brother can’t be the same again, there should be a difference. There were also impromptu scenes where dialogues weren’t decided but things just happened.

Your box-office track record in Bollywood till now is hundred percent, do you feel the pressure to maintain that with your every upcoming film?
You should not believe your hype. Every Friday your luck changes and I believe that so if the film is good it will run. If you do films which are not appealing to people then you can’t expect them to like it

What’s going on with your further projects?
As of now I am definitely starting Shoojit’s ‘October’ ironically  its starting in the month of October and then I will be doing Yrf’s ‘Sui Dhaaga’ after that  the next installment of ‘ABCD’ should start.

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