Varun Sharma has gained a massive fan following and love from people for his remarkable acting skills and his jovial personality. He made his debut with ‘Fukrey’ from which his character Choocha made his way in our hearts. He tells us that comedy was not something he was good at, nor did he ever attempt it before ‘Fukrey’. He also shares why he wants to do another genre. To know more about Varun and his upcoming movies continue reading…

The trailer is really good but do you think at some point you are being stereotyped for someone who does only comedy as a genre?

Of course because I have been doing this one genre majorly and I have been following comedy for a long time. I don’t know about the stereotype but to be very honest I genuinely enjoy doing it. I want to explore different genres that are out there and thrillers are something that I enjoy watching the most. I want to do dark movies filled with thrillers but at the same time the script that come my way are majorly comedies and  light hearted films. So, I won’t say that the films with other than comedy genre come my way and I say no to it but comedy is one major genre I’m approached with. I hope people see me in different light because I really want to do different type of films and there are certain films that are going to be out in 2019-2020 in which you will see me doing different films. Constant effort is there but I’m not scared of getting stereotyped or type casted. I’m not scared of all those factors because I’m being casted with such amazing banners and scripts. Being there in the posters is something big because it takes a lot to be there on posters andI really respect and value it.

In future are we going to see you playing a dark character?

I myself want to see me playing a dark character because before ‘Fukrey’ I never attempted to do comedy as I used to do theatre for 5 years and I have always done intense roles. I have attempted comedy from ‘Fukrey’ and it turned out to be my forte. I got accepted for the same and received massive amount of love from people for the same. I love to make people smile and when they look at my movies and laugh I feel really good. I take it as a blessing that I can make people laugh/smile.

You have been in industry since 2013 and done many comedies so when you are offered comedy roles, does it ever appear to you that I have already done something like this before … how do you keep it different yet?
The majority of films that have been there that I have been a part of I have played the character that is from North and obviously the dialect can’t be very different. So there are times where you feel like this is somewhat like the character I have already done. Comedy in particular is not a one actor’s job. In other genres you can alone make people cry or angry. In comedy you need reaction to make a perfect timing. So it is altogether a team effort. I try to play my character in different way but at times it makes people feel that I’m doing the same thing again because of the genre.

The character that you are playing in ‘KhandaaniShafakhana’ has a bit of quirkiness to it… so how different was it for you?

This is a very special film for me because of Mrighdeep Singh Lamba as I started my life with him and he is the first director who gave me a break in Hindi film industry and it is now his debut as a producer. So I have seen this movie from the time of its birth.  This movie is not a sex comedy but it is something that includes adult jokes but it definitely has got that humour. The film is somewhat about if a male can be a gynaecologist than what stops a female from being a sexologist? So it’s like we are breaking certain taboo’s in the most entertaining manner. It is not a film where we are trying to teach you something all that we are doing is entertaining you. With this film we are showing you something that is really common which even you know about but nobody has ever told you directly about it.

There is something about Baba Bengali in the movie so is that a reference?

There is a certain thing called Baba Bengali and we have got a reference of that in the film also but if you have been to north you might have seen near the bus stand there are many posters and it is one of those settings. The story is based on this people who are living in Amritsar and it’s about a small town where there is a sex clinic and the girl wants to run this but family is totally against the idea of a girl being sexologist. Sonakshi and I are playing brother and sister in the movie. I’m shown as someone who is so jobless that just to pass my time I’m growing my hair. It is just chemistry and bond between brother and sister. Then there is Gabru who is also a patient but keeping the image of the rapper who has so many hot girls in his music video cannot be a patient of erectile dysfunction. But this is just how we see the people who are popular but then he does have it.

This is not a sex comedy but it is a subject that is taboo and the work you have done before are the movies that are family oriented so do you see yourself doing an adult comedy?

To be very honest there are certain adult comedies that did come my way but I have not been able to be a part of that in the past because every screening I have I go watch it with my mother and sister even if it is a sex comedy.  If I can watch a movie with my mother and sister ill definitely do it.

The name of the movie was revealed after a very long time… is there any specific reason for it?

We also did not know the name of the movie for quite a long time because we used to keep asking each other the name of the movie. I think we were just contemplating because ‘KhandaaniShafakhana’ is a very desi name and a lot of people don’t know about it. People have asked me what is the meaning of Khaandani and I was so stunned by the question because it is a very basic word and some people don’t even know the meaning of it. First we were contemplating to keep a name that is easier but this is what the film is about and ‘KhaandaniShafakhana’ is perfect and makes justice to the film.

We have seen you doing back to back films; do you plan on doing some web series?

There is a show that I really like but I won’t be able to do it as I’m doing many other things right now. I think after my debut year; 2019 has been the most beautiful year for me. ‘KhandaaniShafakhana’ releases soon, ‘Arjun Patiala’, ‘Chhichchhore’, and I’m already shooting for ‘RoohAfza’ which is going on floors right now. I really want to do web but the only thing about web is it requires a lot of your time. CinemaInterviewsBollywood Trade Magazine