If there is a new Oxford dictionary going to print anytime soon, we reckon we should have it altered a little. There NEEDS to be a picture of Varun Dhawan next to the word explaining the meaning of consistency. Varun Dhawan has hardly put a foot wrong in his almost 5 year long journey in the industry.

Varun who debuted in 2012 with STUDENT OF THE YEAR has been the only actor in the younger lot to have all his movies making profit and most of them certified hits. Nine releases in not as easy number to keep up in this cut throat industry. The amazing factor is that the audiences have brought into Varun Dhawan the actor as quickly as they have.

Many actors struggle to even get two major hits back to back, but that’s an issue that doesn’t faze the young star Varun Dhawan. He is the only one who in today’s times almost guarantees a big opening and a great lifetime total. And for his latest movie JUDWAA 2 to achieve what it has and especially because the movie was entirely on Varun’s young shoulders and he carried it off with such aplomb it’s amazing.

For a young actor’s movie to get hit almost a century in a single week is unheard off . The movie was lapped by the audiences. The success of JUDWAA 2 is also great for the industry as most the other big ticket movies have not really got the cash register ringing this year round. For the industry in a lull hit a blockbuster sixer out of the park with JUDWAA 2 is a big, big victory. And most of its success is attributed to the sincerity and aura Varun Dhawan brings to the table.

And something tells us that this is only the beginning for this young actor, his diverse choices and knack for saying yes to movies which turn out to be major money spinners at the box-office is something to admire to the hilt. Varun has a very clear mind and likes to mix it up like we have already seen his small but frankly superb filmography till date.

Lastly, I genuinely feel it’s a big win for Varun Dhawan’s father David Dhawan as well. This man is a movie making genius. He has been working in the industry for decades but has always stayed ahead of the curve and reinvented him time and time again. He has now given two of his biggest hits with his son acting in it as well which will only make David uncle a very proud father! But this man like his young son also knows the pulse of the audiences and continues to be one the biggest directors this country has ever produced. Trade Magazine