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The bio-pic season is in full flow and another well made bio-pic of the dreaded dacoit and jungle king of the Karnataka Jungles who killed 97 and more police men and many other animals , mostly tuskers and also some innocent people and kidnapped and held a celebrity like Dr. Rajkumar , which is unthinkable for a demi-god like him shows the guts and power of this whiskered demonical bandit who wants to kill every policeman and wants to befriend LTTE chief Prabhakaran whom is his hero and this is his down fall as the police led by ATS chief played by Sachin Joshi lay a trap for him by the notion that he will be taken to meet Prabhakaran and then he is killed by a posse of policemen when he is travelling in an ambulance thus ending the saga of this modern day Ravana who is his idol. Sandeep Bharadwaj with his whiskers and powerful oratory and wonderful lithe physique darting through the jungles, and killing his informers and his own men for treachery makes a superb performance. Usha Jadhav as his wife  Muthulaxmi who is used by the police to lay tabs on her husband is good. Lisa Ray who too is used by the police to befriend Veerappan’s wife and to tap information from her and she does it because her husband (Sharma)  has been killed by Veerappan.

The forests and the action scenes have been wonderfully helmed by Aniket Khandagle and this film proves the class of Ram Gopal Verma who has recovered his lost magic.

His depiction of how a small tea boy turns into Veerappan has been wonderfully done by RGV. Sachin Joshi as the ATS officer is a revelation and he has done a wonderful job. Usha Jadhav is very impressive and she looks the part and acts well. Lisa Ray gets a meaty part and does well. Chaitanya Adib is good. Naveen Prabhakar’s cameo is superb.The music by Jeet Gangulli is good within the script and the background music by John Stewart Eduri  is effective though loud and shrill at times. The rest of the cast are good and look their parts and do their job earnestly. The film might seem like a docu-drama but is worth every dime to see it on the big screen.


At the box-office

The film will have a tough time.

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