Vidyut Jammwal is the new age action hero.  He loves what he does and has no limitations to his journey.  Optimistic, real and strong headed, he is not easily taken away from the fortunes of the film industry and believes in himself.  We talk to him about his forthcoming film ‘Baadshaho’and about what’s new this time. Excerpts:

You seem very happy in your space and the kind of work you are doing.  Also in ‘Baadshaho’ we see you doing a lot of action, so do you feel content with the action you are doing or you wish to go beyond action?

If Michael Jackson was asked – do you mind being the king of pop or something else?  Would you like to be something else? I love being the action hero of the country. I was telling my mother the other day I am so proud of the fact that I’d come to Bombay to be the action hero and I have become one. I don’t have an ambition but I want to keep doing this.

 But how difficult does it get for you to make sure that the action looks different from one film to another, because you choreograph action yourself so how difficult does that get?

It’s not difficult, I believe what you have done in past you do it again and you keep reinventing yourself. For example there was a time when I use to love looking big; I thought girls would love me if I look big. Then I realised girls don’t like bodybuilders. So the thing is – you keep involving and while you are involving you are not the same person you think you are.  You don’t think, breathe, walk and talk like that person. Hence I keep changing in what I do.

So how do you stand opposite someone like Ajay Devgn since he is such a super star?
You just stand you don’t think he is a very big star, a super star of the country, but you don’t think. You just stand and participate.

How do you plan the choreography or the action for example in ‘Commando’ this entire airport scene was fabulous, so how do you come up with these and it’s an action sequence of sort that has never been seen in Hindi cinema?
And in international cinema too, they give us the script and then I think what else I can do and then I just do. But in ‘Baadshaho’ I didn’t have to think too much because there wasn’t much to think. I am an army officer and I have to fight Ajay Devgn. So the action director comes and tells you what I have to do and I do.

You were also in ‘Bullet Raja’ though your role was small and people wanted more of your character and this reminds something like being on that extension.
Till now whatever I have done people have just liked me. I was telling one of the journalist that I have come to a conclusion that people can like you, people can hate you that will have nothing to do with what you do.  So you just be yourself and I genuinely mean that.

So has it been a struggle to maintain your own individuality and bring what you want to bring without getting carried away?
No it has not.

If you were offered a comedy film or an out an out romantic film would you do it?
Yes 100% I’ll do it, but I need to like who is making it, and there are a lot things that I need to like, not because someone is making comedy and I haven’t done it so I will do it now. No, I need to like it.

Do you have a vision for action how would it be in say about 5 years down the line in Indian Cinema?
 No. I’m just enhancing in what I do, I’m just working on myself and I believe someone will come and make a movie and see some potential in me. So I don’t need to have a vision they need to have.

How do you look at competition because when you came in here you were the only one in that space but now there is Tiger Shroff as well who does a similar genre films, so do you think of upgrading yourself?
I would upgrade myself, period. I’ve been upgrading myself since the age of three. I’m the only Indian guy who knows about 76 weapons. I have recently broken an iron rod with my neck; I’m the second person who’s done it. How will I compete with someone else? Should I? People are making competition.  People will say anything and they will limit you, you should not be limited. The problem with us is – someone asked me if the film industry is limiting, are they negative?  No. Everybody is negative and limiting, don’t hang around with them, and don’t listen to them.  So there are people who limit you, they compare you with others, so I believe they are comparing me but I’m not. My work is to work very hard and that I do.

You want to be an actor or a star?
What I wanted to be I have become it. So when I moved out to Kerala I wanted to do action so I started doing south Indian movies which were very small and eventually I became an action hero.  You can be everything you want to be, limitation starts when you think you want to be something.

Is there a process that you go through before a film and was there any preparation done for ‘Baadshaho’?
No. Milan Luthria had done all the preparation. He told me I had to cut my hair and I felt really bad (Smiles). Then he told me I’ll have to put a moustache, so I was like okay. So he knows what he wants from his actors.

What do you like the most of this character?
I like the fact that people like the look. I was a bit skeptical about that.  So I’m very happy (Smiles).

Like you mentioned before, it’s most difficult to be yourself, so how have you managed to be yourself all through the years, and not gotten attached to the frills, is it because you are so passionate about what you do and just working on it?
It’s not that I am completely detached and I like the frills that come with it.  So I had a party at my house three months back and I’d invited a lot of people from our industry.  But what I notice as I was the host – that everyone was busy chatting and not smiling or laughing, the happiness portion was very less and this is my  first hand experience. That was one of the moments when I released I’m not going to be this, if  I’m somewhere I’m going to be there 100%.  I’m not just going to go for it.  So that’s what I avoid and that’s what is keeping me a bit sane right now.

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