Interview By: HASTI DOSHI

Viki Rajani is one of the finest producers in the industry and he has given us films from various genres like ‘Phobia’, ‘Table No 21’ and few more. His upcoming film is ‘Munna Michael’ which seems to be interesting. We had a quick chat with him regarding the film and his upcoming projects. Read On…

“As a company I would like to do all kind of genres, and when I like the concept I like to back it”

What made you come on board to produce ‘Munna Michael’?
Sabbir and I have been friends since ‘Kambakkht Ishq’. I know him since that time and we always discuss that whenever we get chance we should work together and we have been in touch since last four to five years. So two years back he told me about this idea and the film which he wanted to do after ‘Baaghi’, because ‘Baaghi’ was yet to be shot that time. I said I really like the concept so let’s work on it together, so he worked on it and later went for ‘Baaghi’. Then we also had a discussion about which actor to cast for this film, so I told him we should go to Tiger and also he is a diehard fan of Michael Jackson. So everything fell in place and we had a nice script.

Being the director of Next Gen Films and having a long list of films under your banner, which are the kind of films you would like to add up?
As a company I would like to do all kind of genres. And when I like the concept I like to back it. like if I did ‘Table No 21’ it did very good business and I think it is Rajeev Khandelwal’s top grosser and people till today see the film and talk about it. I read messages on social media regarding it and people are yet watching promo in international market and messaging that this is the path breaking film of that time. ‘Phobia’ was also most critically acclaimed film in 2016 and it made it to the top 10 list in 2016 in many other publications. So as a company I would like to do different genre movies and ‘R…Rajkumar’ was also one mainstream movie which is Shahid’s Top grosser. So now going forward I am doing ‘Chanda Mama Door Ke’ which is starting in September and it is going to be India’s first space movie. Then there is ‘Phobia 2’ on the cards. Then there is Sabbir’s next and also Rahul Dholakia’s next so it’s a good mix bag of things to come from my side.

Tiger is already a renowned actor now, but casting Nidhi who is a fresh face does that help to give a new charm to the film?
Yes, it adds a little freshness because you know we thought of actresses and then we took auditions. Then we found this girl Nidhi and thought she has got some spark and also people like her now. So we thought just to add a little freshness we could do this.

Did you often visit the sets of ‘Munna Michael’ and enjoy being around?
I used to go to sets every alternate day. Most part of it was we were all one family on set and Nawaz was there too so it was lot of fun. Tiger used to engross in shoot mostly and it was very non tension kind of environment. Everyone was very comfortable with each other and it was a complete fun making this movie.

Is there any particular genre towards which you are attracted and would like to produce?

I want to do cult breaking thrillers, I love to do that. I have got one or two scripts but today in Bollywood budgets do not allow you, because thrillers have different kind of market and growth. I would love to do something which is not done, like when I did ‘R…Rajkumar’ nobody had done such a big action movie with young hero, nobody has done movie like ‘Phobia’, ‘Table No 21’. I am sure ‘Phobia 2’ also people are going to get shock seeing it.

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