One of the Bollywood’s finest fashion designer Vikram Phadnisis all set to step onto making his directorial debut with his upcoming film ‘Hrudayantar’. We had a brief chat about the film and excitement for his film. Read on…

“I want to tell a story, language is just a medium in which you get it across the audience”

When and how did you come up with an idea of making ‘Hrudayantar’? 

I have been wanting to do a film since 2003-2004 but it wasn’t just taking off and I had actually written three scripts in Hindi but it wasn’t taking off; in fact we had done a press conference on the film ‘NIA’ and then I rewrote the subject according to the Marathi sensibilities and I made a film called ‘Hrudayantar’ and the Marathi film took off so I’m really happy that it did.

So it was all pre-planned?

Since 2003 I always wanted to write and it’s been 13 years now.

Why a regional film as a directorial debut?

Why not a regional film? There’s nothing wrong in a regional film. It didn’t happen in Hindi it happened in Marathi so it’s great, it’s my mother tongue.  So it’s great. I want to tell a story, language is just a medium in which you get it across the audience.

What is the film about and what message does it convey?

It’s an emotional film and it’s an emotional journey of a family; it’s a story of a family during the turbulence time and it’s about celebrating life. It’s about how we value relationship and how Hrudayantar means the change of heart so how a change of heart happens and how it’s important that in every person there should be a Hrudayantar. And it arrives in every person life at one point of time and it just takes us to another direction.

It’s about celebrating life, how do you celebrate life?  What’s your perspective on it?  

I celebrate life; I live life by the seconds, by the moments so I don’t know what’s going to happen today, tomorrow. I live in my present time, I plan a future but I don’t think of it.

Why the title ‘Hrudayantar’?

It means the change of heart and that’s why I kept it.

What’s your next upcoming project in films?

Hopefully this coming year I will be making another film, not yet decided.

How has been your experience as a director?

Experience has been lovely, it’s been a roller coaster ride and I’ve loved every moment of it and the release date has become the next birthday for me it’s a date that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

Being the best renowned fashion designer, did you design costumes in this film too?

No, I didn’t work on this film, my whole costume team, my design team which has been with me for so many years; they have done the costumes. So if people like the look it’s because of them.

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