Interview By: Drishti Pandey

Vinit Thakkar Senior Vice President- India & South Asia at Universal Music was in conversation with us where he told us about the song released by them Aaya Na Tu, what are the strategies that they have planned and about his collaboration with Mohit Suri.

How did the idea of making independent music happen?

This happened almost three years ago when we launched EMI records India in partnership with Mohit Suri. The idea of launching EMI records India was actually to create a platform and promote independent music, develop new talent, work with established artists and create differentiated content in the Indian music system. Starting this year in January we launched a property called VYRL originals,where we release a new single each month. Up until last month, most of the artists we’ve worked with have been new comers. This month we released a song with well-known artists Arjun Kanungo & Momina Mustehsan and from now on we aim to work with a variety of artists from different genres.

There must be some sort of strategy planned to bring out the best results with every song; how does that process work from the initial stage till the time the song is released?

Our idea is to bring good & differentiated content to the audience; we believe that everything else falls around that. We have a very strong A&R team and of course we get a lot of inputs from Mohit Suri. He has a legacy of delivering exceptional music. As a team, we identify & nurture singers and songwriters for each single and ensure we promote it at the scale of a Bollywood film song.

How has your collaboration been with Mohit Suri over the years?

It’s been excellent! I think he’s probably one of the biggest strengths of EMI records India.  His time, passion, energy, commitment in building EMI records India as a label, VYRL originals as a property has been phenomenal; I don’t think we could have found a better partner than Mohit to do this.

Do you think it’s a challenge for young talent to come onboard as it was earlier?

It’s all about great content and as long as we keep finding talented artists who bring us new and differentiated content we are willing to give them a platform and an opportunity to bring their music to the fore. The other differentiating factor is that most of the artists signed to EMI records India are multi-talented so they can do more than just singing or composing & that always helps. We also provide artists with a lot of infrastructure support.; All the technical infrastructure and support that is required for an artist to create world class content is provided by EMI records India.

What’s the line-up after ‘Aaya Na Tu’?

With Aaya Na Tu, we’re created a new benchmark for ourselves. We are extremely proud of the success we’ve achieved with the track. A lot of interesting things are lined up for the rest of the year but the only thing I can say right now is that there will be a mix of established and new artists. There are some interesting collaborations in the pipeline too.

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