Interview By: SAGAR DESAI

As his film Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana is all set to hit the theaters we catch up with producer Vinod Bachchan for an Interview, who recalls his days of struggle and his approach towards life, his inspiration and more…

“One day I will direct movies but right now I want to become a good producer first ”

From where did the idea of this love story come from?
Since a long time I was searching for a good content script, I started a film first called Jassi met Jassi but then dropped the idea, then as soon as I heard this script the title of the film was Yatha Katha Prem Katha which was written by my very good friend Kamal Pandey, it came to RatnaJi who is the director of the film, she narrated me the story and immediately I said I am doing this film because content was very good. Ratnaji had already spoken with Rajkumar Rao and TapseePannu for this film, so we decided to start the film. But unfortunately Tapsee Pannu’s dates were getting clashed with ‘Judwa 2’ and then Ratnaji did over 100 auditions for the female lead, as she is very particular about what she wants. As I saw Kriti Kharbanda’s audition I thought we got our female lead Aarti. This is how Rajkummar Rao and Kriti Kharbanda came on board.

How was it working with Rajkummar Rao?
Rajkummar Rao is a very fine actor; he has the potential to become like Aamir Khan in future as he is perfectionist , dedicated, hard working, even after having a facture he came for the promotions. He is also a very nice human being, a very good person. It is very important for actors to be good human beings. Rajkummar Rao does not have any tantrums; he is very easy going and fun loving person. I am very happy that I got him to play the main lead.

You came as an outsider in this Industry so what were the challenges you had to face?
I came in 1986 to Bombay, with only 545 rupees; I lost my parents at a very young age. I was 7 year old when my Father passed away and 14 year old when my Mother passed away. So I came to Bombay at that time not knowing anybody over here, it was very difficult to survive. I have no God Father in this Industry, I started as an Assistant Director, assisting in over 17-18 films but then I thought how will I live only on 100 rupees as conveyance, so then I left this industry and went to Dubai and worked in a restaurant but my soul was attached with the Film Industry so I came back here and started Property finance business in the Film Industry therefore people in the Industry know me since then, as I changed my profession but not Film Industry, so I kept on meeting many stars on a regular basis because property is one such business where everybody wants a nice home to live in, the phase that I have seen in my life who did not have house to stay in, slept on footpath, watchman’s cabin etc and if I am helping them to find a good house I felt that I am doing something very good, so I helped almost 70% to 80% of people in the Film Industry get good house. But then again my dream to come to Bombay was to be in movies, so slowly I started gathering money and started my career as a Producer. People say when I give such good narrations to them why don’t I direct movies, one day I will direct movies but right now want to become a good Producer first.

Is your life or experiences, a reason why you make practical movies rather than larger-than-life movies?
My thinking and my upbringing is like a normal common boy and till I date think and see myself like a common man only. My idea and thought process of making movies is that if I can connect myself with the film then only I should make the movie. If our hero cannot connect with the common people, if common people cannot connect with the character then there is no use.  In India basically about 70% to 80% of people livein small towns that have their own stories, own emotions and coming from such background hence I can relate to those stories.

Who has inspired you the most?
My dream to come to Bombay was only because of Shri Amitabh BachchanJi, I got to meet him many times but the way I want to meet him has not happened yet , so in future by God’s grace even that will get fulfilled. The only reason to come to Bombay was Shri Amitabh BachchanJi.

Which are your next releases after Shaadi Mein ZaroorAana?
After ‘Shaadi Mein ZaroorAana’ I am planning ‘Bin Phere Hum Tere’ and after that ‘Yaaro Ki Baarat’. These are the two films which I am producing next.

Your last two movies Zila Ghaziabad (2013) and Jigariyaa (2014) didn’t do well at the box office, so how does it affect you?
There is a wrong perception in the Film Industry that ‘Zila Ghaziabad’ didn’t do well at box office, if I have casted Sanjay Duttji, Arshad Warsi, PareshRawalJi, VivekOberoi, Chandrachur Singh; it is a biggest multi starrer film which I made on my own. I finalised a director who I thought can make a very good film; he was very talented but was not able to handle the actors very well. But still the box office collection was 35 crores at that time and even today ‘Zila Ghaziabad’ is one of the finest films made by us. The story was nice that’s why so many actors became a part of it but yes we could not present it properly.

Which is your favorite love story Film?
My favorite love story film is ‘Pyar Jhukta Nahin’, till date I like the songs of the movie.

The songs of Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana are also very good; did you give any inputs?
RatnaJi gets a lot of credit for this as she selected the songs and in some songs Anurag Bedi supported us a lot and thanks to him the movies has many good songs.

In future will you make a larger than life Movie or a fantasy movie?
I have a project in my mind but it’s a 200 crore budget film and is with the French Government and Indian Government which we are planning so I cannot discuss much. But there is another very real story for which I have signed a Director from South Film Industry which is based on Navgrah, what the value of Navgrah is and what connection it has with India, it is a scientific drama film.

Who is your favorite Actor?
Shri Amitabh Bachchan is my favorite actor, definitely one day when the time will come, will go to him with a script and work with him.

How difficult is the life of a producer?
Producer’s job is to buy tension by paying money because it’s a part of business where you have to satisfy everyone from actors to technicians to distributors; everybody! For a producer finding a right script is very difficult, in order to become a successful producer, selecting content is most important, then a director who can deliver it very well, then finalising the actors who can pull it off very well as how the director and producer want.

Do you think people are running out of theaters?
I don’t think so, the feeling of watching a movie in theater is different and it’s like a festival; let’s go to watch a film. There are people who watch films, watch it in theater only. But yes because of Amazon, Netflix; cinema is changing a bit but after every decade cinema has changed a bit. Content in any movie has to be very good; if it is good people will watch movies in theaters. In India even if 10% people watch movie in theater the film will do great business. Make good cinema, execute it nicely, new things have come up but those things will keep on coming up, every decade cinema has changed a bit but people going to theaters will always be there; they are not going anywhere, they will only increase. In china there are over 55,000 theaters; that is the reason why Chinese movies do such a huge business, in India there only almost around 9000 theaters. If movies like ‘PK’ and ‘Dangal do so well in China, there we have to choose good content.

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