Certificate: U

Director: Ziaullah Khan

Starring: Narendra Jha, Urmila Mahanta, Monica Ravan

Screenplay: Abdullah Khan

Music: Siddhanth Madhav

This is a mature man woman relationship story. Narendra Jha plays a rich widower Abhiraj Malhotra who falls in love with his maid Matun (Urmila Mahanta) who has run away from home and Narendra Jha offers her home and hearth but unfortunately it’s a set up by one of Narendra’s assistants to milk him out of his money and legacy. Narendra in deep sorrow commits suicide but unaware that his love has started really loving him and wants to marry him. But alas it’s too late now!

Narendra Jha is a proven performer and delivers an impressive performance. Urmilla Mahanta is good. Monica Ravan is okay. The locales of Dehradun and Mussorie have been beautifully shot by the DOP. Siddhanth Madhav’s music is alright.



The movie is a total washout!

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