This film is a black comedy which raises a few laughs but is very serious in content. Kishore Kadam is a drunkard in a village who has only a son but he is disinterested in studies and this leads Kadam to excessive drinking and then he one fine day passes off and his shraadh is performed but as per the ritual the crows don’t touch the sharadh offerings and this leads to the conclusion that one of the wishes of Kadam is still unfulfilled and so his son and his friend Asif find that his father’s dream of celebrating his birthday with pomp is left unfulfilled and so they set out to celebrate their fathers birthday but there are no records anywhere to denote the fathers age and then follows a hilarious trail of events leading the duo to the village pundit (Atul Parchure) his father’s sister (Usha Naik) and the village taluka’s tehsildaar office. Then finally in a bizaare manner they find the birth date and then celebrate the fathers birthday with great pomp and his father’s soul is relieved. The film is a dark satire which is funny in parts. Kishore Kadam is a proven actor and is very impressive. Om Raut is good. The rest of the cast fits the bill. A good production from the grandson of Amrish Puri. The director Sumeet Sanghmitra does well. The music is okay. Technically a decent product.

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