Interview By: Drishti Pandey

Music composer, singer Vishal Mishra seems to have found his niche in the music industry in no time. His recently released song ‘Selfish’ has been successful and loved. He feels blessed and accepted by the industry and audience for his music. He spoke to us about how grateful he feels being associated with the gems of the industry, and working with Salman Khan and more. Excerpts:

“I work as a blank slate; it’s like nothing is written on it and then I try to decode it, what god has already sent in the universe”

How was it to collaborate with Salman Khan for ‘Race 3’?

Salman sir and I did a song in a film named ‘Friendship unlimited’ where we both sung the song and it was an amazing experience to meet Salman sir. For me, it was like a dream because I remember once he had come to my city and I could just see his hand; I couldn’t even spot him properly because there was so much of crowd.  With time we started jamming and once I remember he had written this line ‘ek bar baby selfish hoke apne liye jiyo na’ and then we starting jamming over it and I was very excited with the sound of it so he wrote the song I started making tune for it and that’s how the song happened and accidently there’s a situation in ‘Race 3’ where the song fit so beautifully so we thought might as well keep it in ‘Race 3’.

It’s just been 2 years in the music industry and there’s so much that happened within a span of time so how matured do you feel now?

As far as my musicianship is concerned I have never concentrated on what film I am doing; what’s the banner and  all because if I am associated with any banner, I am supposed to give my  best and I do. It’s a process that I follow everyday,  18 hours of a day I work, I keep reinventing myself,  I have to find new ways for bettering the yesterday that I had,  so it’s  a regime which  has been going on for a long time. And when you get good banners, you get more work, your persona evolves, and you eventually get matured.  And your brain wants to do better so now I get the kick of doing more good work.

Do you keep yourself updated with the trend and music that’s happening around in terms of what the audience are liking and what’s trending?

As far as the trend of recreations is concerned; I love making original songs but I am not against recreation because I believe if you do a better version of what’s already been done, I think it’s a good thing and you have that re-collection value of that and people know the song. And as far as the taste of the audience is concern I think you can’t set a goal in your head and make a song.  When you are doing a film’s music you are always guided by the script, you have an anchor that you have to follow.  So it’s like you are bounded and there comes a challenge that you are given an area and you have to make the most of it. And when you do your independent song the expression is your expression but you can’t set a goal in your head that this is what people like and this is what I have to do; it’s just that you have to give it your best and if it’s set from the heart, it touches the heart.

Which means it’s truly organic work?

Yes it’s all organic, when I get a situation, I work as a blank slate, it’s like nothing written on it and then I try to decode it, what god has already sent in the universe and then I take it down and try to embed it in my memory and create something from it and I only make music that makes me happy. And fortunately whatever music I have made and that has made me happy has made others happy as well.

You’ve managed to deliver different kind of music till now, how gratifying do you feel about that? 

I’m really grateful with what I have and god has really been kind on me; otherwise, a few people that I have worked with have no business work to do and there are so many talented people out there. I try to stick to my basics, I love writing, singing, so it’s like a holiday every day for me.  I enjoy making music and god has given me the opportunity to explore how much ever I can, and I am making money out of it, making name out if it.   I don’t think a lot and I feel extremely grateful that I’ve been associated with the most beautiful souls in the industry,  most amazing  visionaries and I think god has been kind and as far as the genres of music is concerned I try to reinvent myself to find something new.  For example, when I did ‘Veere Di Wedding’ music, it’s a very new genre in India which is called chill house music, it’s a very whispery melody but if you listen to it, it’s all party banging.  Even with ‘Selfish’ it has a very usually written fox struck melody and in that I’ve tried to write the orchestra in a very western classically form and then we have Indian pieces there.   So I am trying to experiment with minute details and thankfully people are enjoying it.

Was music always your forte?

As far as music is concerned till 2012 I was doing law (smiles) so I wasn’t into music.  I was supposed to drop a friend to an audition and he asked me to join him as I too sing, so it was my greed to come on television for a few seconds and to be recognized in U.P and I ended up winning the show.  That gave me the opportunity to stay back in this city and I always wanted to be a musician from my heart. Sometimes you are not aware of the things you really are made to do.  And god gave me this beautiful opportunity to stay in this city and I always say that I’m here by chance and not by choice and the chance is becoming beautiful and I am extremely grateful.

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