Certificate: U/A

Director: Kushal Srivastava

Starring: Kay Kay Menon, Raima Sen & Mandira Bedi

Screenplay: Vaibhav Bajpai & Kushal Srivastava

Music: Harry Anand & Sandesh Shandilya

Psychological thrillers are very rare in Hindi cinema and this film is a very good thriller which manages to hold your attention right till the end. ACP Ashwini Dixit (Kay Kay Menon) plays a cop in Simla and he gets a tough murder case to crack in which he has to find four murdered bodies but after investigating he finds that there is no such case and he wonders whether he is imagining things but also there is a loyal assistant for him (Toshib Sharibi) who later acts as a complete stranger to him and there is no trace of the four murdered bodies yet and Dixit thinks he is going bonkers imagining things and also lands a young girl (Raima Sen) who gives him clues to find a common thread to the murders and he finds one but then it’s too late as he gets the shock of his life when he is found responsible for the murder of his much loved wife (Mandira Bedi) but then the picture gets clearer when it is revealed that Ashwini is an award winning fiction writer and at the launch of his much hyped novel Redemption to Murder ,he accidentally murders his wife thinking that she is cheating on him but then he gets into a dual personality and assumes the character of Rishi from his novel to be true hence Raima Sen, a psychologist gives him clues from his own book to get him to his true self, but does she? That is the million dollar question. The films suspense is really well woven into the script. The locales of Simla look breathtaking on the screen and some shots are really great. Kay Kay Menon is his usual suave impressive self. Mandira Bedi shines in a brief role. Raima Sen does well. Rishi Bhutani’s cameo is very good. Toshib Sharibi supports well. The rest of the cast is adequate. Musically okay. The film is a must for noir genre lovers.


At the box-office

The film is a non-starter.

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