This actress has always wanted to stand apart from the crowd sometimes for the right reasons but most of the times her motivations are coming from a negative place and space. The actress a few months back announced that she was going to play the lead in one of her most favourite filmmaker’s next. The news was welcomed by many as the pair in the past have give some memorable movies and the movies has also gone on to be good box-office success stories as well. According to our sources the makers locked the script and the actress was kicked about the playing the character which was offered to her as well, many even saying it was and still is an author backed role. But when the time came to lock the contracts and other formalities for the film the actress started to give the filmmaker and his producers one issue after another. And soon the filmmaker realised this was just going to be the beginning and started to stand his ground on things which he felt shouldn’t be changing due to the actress’ diktat. Once the actress got to know that her unnecessary demands are not going to be met she decided to leave the movie just months before it was scheduled to mount the sets. We reckon the filmmaker dodged a bullet here. BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine