Good looking to the tee, Warina Hussain makes her Hindi cinema debut with ‘Loveyatri’. A little shy and humble, she briefly chats about the film as we catch up with her in her vanity van, in between promotions.

What did you love about ‘Loveyatri’?
I feel ‘Loveyatri’ is very simple. The strongest point in ‘Loveyatri’ is its simplicity, the culture we have shown and yet we have kept it moderate. We’ve used old school tactics. Earlier the way, movies used to be old school, simple, emotional, first crush, how you meet, fall in love and it’s filled with colours around the festival of ‘Navratri’ and ‘garba’.

Did garba come easily to you?
Garba looks easy but it’s not. Main thing is the foot work. If you leave the rhythm once then it’s gone. It’s difficult but once you get it, you enjoy. Like they say, garba is not dancing, it’s playing. You play garba, because once you start you continue for such a long time.

What do you take back from this film?
There’s a lot to take back. It’s been one year through the training process, shoot and everything. It’s my first film, so it will obviously stay with me all my life, and the training I’ve got will stay with me. Even the experience will always remain with me for life.

Tell me something about the way your career has shaped up over the years?
I started with modelling. For me, it was my job and I didn’t realise how my job turned into passion. I love different things like gadgets, reading books, I enjoy seeing videos, editing them. But I was a model turned into an actor. So, I started with commercials and trained in acting from the Mumbai branch of New York film academy. I started giving auditions then. My life since the last six years has been all about me growing as a person into my work field.

For someone who is new trying to get good work, what is it that works as a challenge?
I am too new in the business, but personally for me, it was a challenge because I’m not an Indian, and at times, looking good is not enough – people want to see your acting and how you dance! I’ve never been trained in dancing but in this movie, we have an Indian folk song, then a club song. For me doing that, and play this Indian girl was a challenge. Getting into that zone and understanding the culture, for me, that itself was a challenge.


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