19 years ago, my father launched Super Cinema to bring transparency and honesty back to the film trade business. It was my father’s dream which was realised by his hard work and also his vision. But it has another great entity behind it all that is you, our cherished readers. Whatever we do, we only have you as our starting off point and also our eventual drop off point.

Whether it is our news, our authentic box office collections or our in-depth interviews it is all done to cater to you. And in return we are over joyous for your constant feedback. Taking a magazine out every single week is one tedious proposition but when I know that we are going to be serving you, our readers and our patrons, it honestly doesn’t seem like a job for us at all.

As you all are very well aware that we lost our founder and my father Vikas Mohan last year in May, taking this magazine out has been doubly important and since dad’s departure. Because it’s like my brother, Anshul, and I have our proud father’s words to help us; never stray away from being truthful and honest.

I’ve been an active contributor to the magazine since the time of its inception. And it is really exciting to see where we have reached with it all. To have a constant voice from the plight of the industry and the issues that choke it from outside or within is our biggest inner battle.

Content and the way audiences are consuming content these days have completely changed. We as an industry and more importantly the content providers in the industry have to up the ante and provide content now which is a big hit, not only in the cinemas nationwide but also a hit in any platform it’s been consumed at currently.

Secondly, the industry has to come together and show some sort of togetherness on the various issues plaguing fraternity. We have so many different associations but hardly any kind of unity in it.

We have to start looking out for each other and having each other’s backs. Until we do that we won’t be able to succeed as one, and that’s the reason we only have individual accolades; that needs to change as well.

So finally, wish you and yours a very happy Diwali and even more prosperous new year! May this year belong to all us… Trade Magazine