This filmmaker was at one point of time one of the most sought after directors in the market. His movies would work and people and stars would just gravitate towards his work. But fast forward to 2018 and he has fallen off the radar for all the superstars who once queued up outside his office. The reason for his decline is the lack of fresh ideas in his head but also the abysmal box office returns his past few movies have garnered. Now the current state is that he doesn’t have any script ready but he has got a few young and dare we say naive actors ready to be part of his next venture which however doesn’t have a studio or a producer backing it either. The actors are just enamoured by the filmmaker’s aura and his past record and not really looking at what he is offering them. Now we hear that he has been telling a youngm actress that he wants her to be the lead in his fictitious sequel to his hit movie from the past as well. We hope that these young actors don’t fall prey to his fraudulent ways and take care of their young budding careers. BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine