This week saw the release of one of the biggest movie franchise in the world i.e. AVENGERS – INFINITY WAR. The movie opened to 2000 screens in India in four different languages (Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu) and also in four different formats (2D, 3D, 4D and Imax). If you come to think of it, the release is not too massive for all the different variants for a movie event like the AVENGERS.

This is the 18th movie spanning over a decade and if there is one thing that the studio wanted the audiences to do was enjoy the movie in the very best format they could. That is primarily the reason Disney has gone ahead and decided to release the movie in select screen across the nation so that audiences get a great and also an uniform movie watching experience.

The movie has not released in any single screen in the country which doesn’t have a minimum of 2K projection installed. That is also the main reason why the studio dealt with digital solution providers like UFO and QUBE on this one. It was a very smart decision to have a tab on the quantity of the shows running so they could maximize their profits.

This year’s biggest opening movie in Hindi cinema has been BAAGHI 2 which opened a month ago to a day one total of around 25 crores, BAAGHI 2 opened to around 4000 screens. AVENGERS INFINITY WAR on the other hand as per our early estimates is in line to open to in the range of 28-30 crores on day one and for a fact it will be the biggest opening movie in India this year and also the biggest opening for a Hollywood movie in the country as well.

People might argue that the ticket pricing for AVENGERS INFINITY WAR is way too steep and hence it becomes easy for them to achieve sort of a number on day one. But can you imagine if they wouldn’t have cared for the quality of the movie they were putting out and went ahead and released the movie in over 4000 screens, which they could very well do, the opening of the movie would have been much, much stronger.

But it seems that they were absolutely okay with opening to a 30 crore day one as to opening to a 50 crore day one and then people not coming out and watching the movie anymore because of the substandard quality of projection of the film.

Someone once told me that it is not about ideas but making ideas work and today I cannot think of a better idea that has worked wonders for a foreign film in our country which is on the verge of making big history! Trade Magazine