There is an old saying of what goes around, comes around and that saying is apt for what is happening with this once influential man of the industry. When he was in a position of power within the environment of the industry he took one questionable call after another. All because of the fact that loved getting his name in the news print and television channels almost every week. After the people backing him couldn’t really keep up his shenanigans they fired him rather unceremoniously. Now a long time has passed and by the looks of things table have turned as well. The attention seeking man is back with his own movie and this time around things he was rather infamous for are all coming back to him in a nightmarish fashion. After his movie was rejected by the censor it looks like his movie is also going to struggle to get any favourable response from the High Court as well. Generally we don’t like to bring down anyone who has been brave enough to invest and put a film together but in this case it seems like karma is taking its own route with this one. BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine