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She has just completed all her shooting for “Kahaani 2” which is sure to be one more feather in the cap of the actress who first made her mark in 2012

the year that will be remembered for many things in the hundred year old history of Indian cinema, but if there is one woman who will be remembered as an actress who struck the world of Hindi films like lighting, it will always be Vidya Balan. With just two films, “The Dirty Picture” and “Kahaani” this woman who they said had come in a little too late to make it as a leading lady went all out to make a very distinct place for herself as an actress who could dazzle the screen with her larger than life and even true to life performances. The two films she did in one year have now made her as actress who will always be mentioned whenever there is any talk about talent which is in a class of its own. Vidya Balan proved that it was not age or time that decided the Kismet of talent, but that talent had its own way of making a way for itself. In just a matter of years Vidya Balan is one of the most talented actress of Hindi films with her own standing which she only has because she knows what she is, where she is, why she is where she is and where she is heading for.

Vidya started her career as an actress when she was sixteen in the popular sitcom, “Hum Paanch” which was so popular that every actor who was part of it was loved in every home. She was always interested in making into films, but it took her some time, but she did not lose faith in herself. She was very popular as a model and made a very good living doing television commercials and music videos. She finally succeeded in making her appearance in a Bengali film “Bhalo Theko”. The film gave her a place in Bengali films even though she was a South Indian from Kerala.

The big time finally came to her when she was chosen to play a very difficult role in her first Hindi film, “Parineeta”. It was a typical social drama like some of the best films made in the fifties and sixties and Vidya proved that she could be as good as actresses of the past like Nutan, Meena Kumari and Waheeda Rehman among others. She won all the praise for her natural performance and the film gave her the reason to make a career in Hindi films.

She proved how versatile she was when she proved to be a very good match for Sanjay Dutt in “Lage Raho Munnabhai” and was very different from the role she played in “Parineeta” and it was time to take on any and every film but she decided to hold on. And her decisions paid her rich dividends. Ekta Kapoor known for the bold decisions she takes decided to make a film on the life of Silk Smitha, the sexy siren of films made in the South in the eighties, an actress whose story was a rags to riches story blended with sex, raw life, rough life and a life which saw the peaks of glory and ended in the pits, reaching a place where the very people who once worshiped her as the “Goddess of the sex and sleaze” rejected her, forgot her and left her to die in a slum in absolute penury.

There were many actresses who were considered to play this very complex role but it was Vidya who was finally chosen and she did more than full justice to Silk Smitha and made her more immortal than she had when she was the “Goddess” who was reduced to a life which was an example of how life takes people through various lanes and roads paved with the most luminous lights and roads which were only surrounded by pitch darkness. Vidya got into the heart and soul of the character and played it with all her life. The result was a stunning performance by the same girl who had done films like “Parineeta” and “Lage Raho..”.

She then came up with another brilliant performance in an unusual film like “Kahaani”. She played a pregnant young woman who goes all over places looking for her missing husband. It was one more performance which could only be done by an actress who lived for acting and gave life to some of the most challenging roles which no ordinary actress could play. Vidya was flooded with all the best awards and with the awards came recognition and any number of offers. This is not how she wanted to go about her career. She had her own plans and would go by them and not take advice from anyone, even the best of them.

Her decision led her to play roles in some of the big commercial films like “Heyy Babyy” and “Kismet Konnection” and was reviled by the critics and the common man because they did not expect an actress like her to play such meaningless roles. She got the hint and realized that she had the kind of image that would not go with the kind of heroines generally seen in Hindi films. As if she was taking a lesson from her own bad experiences, she made up with her sensitive performances in films like “Paa”, “Ishqiya” and “No One Killed Jessica”.

The year 2009 marked the beginning of a new Vidya Balan. She received all the major awards, including the National Film Award, five Filmfare Awards and five Screen Awards. She initially drew criticism for her fluctuating weight and poor dress sense, but was later credited for retaining her individuality and breaking stereotypes of a Hindi film heroine. Balan is a social activist and supports the empowerment of women. She is also the Brand Ambassador for Victoria in Australia and the Melbourne Film festival. After endless talks about her affair with Siddharth Roy Kapur, the head honcho of UTV, the two took everyone by surprise when they got married.

Marriage, however, was not going to stop her from aiming to be a better actress than she has been till now. It has only encouraged her to look for better roles and she has the complete backing of her husband. But where are the writers and directors who will create characters for a dynamite of an actress like Vidya Balan who is a heady combination of all the best qualities needed to be the best and nothing but the best. There is a little element of Kismet involved in her life and career too. The world will wait to see what she does, what the industry does to her talent and whether Kismet has any role to play in the story of the very interesting story of Vidya Balan, the woman who will not stop till she wins all that she wants to win.

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