This filmmaker announced his next with a lot of fanfare because he was going to finally work with his long time friend actor. The industry and the general public were very happy with the idea of this union to make movies once again. The filmmaker went and got a new girl to play the lead in the movie and got a major financer in the picture as well. Everything was going smoothly and the makers were gearing up to begin the filming of the movie as well. But then came the bombshell from the new actor’s mother. Apparently the mother is not kicked with the idea of her daughter debuting with an actor who has given a big dud only recently. So much so that the mother even threatened to make her daughter walk away from the project if things were not corrected. It will be interesting to see how all these parties come on the same page because if they don’t then the movie is going to be further delayed and the makers would have to either look for a new boy or a new girl in the movie. Watch this space! BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine