If you don’t know about the ongoing feud between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan you’re probably living under a rock. But because both of them are such an integral part of the film industry it’s hardly surprising that everyone doesn’t have an opinion on this. So do I and here is my two cents about the whole issue.

First things first, I really don’t know if any one can finally confirm whether HR had or didn’t have an alleged affair with KR because that’s something no one except for these two would know. Though, if we think back, if there actually was some kind of relationship, the outcome would not have been what it is currently. Current scenario seems to be one person obsessed with the other – in a scenario where two people have been in a relationship, there could be fights but none of those would have generally spilled onto the public domain – because two individuals have shared something, they probably also have had the ability to resolve it themselves since there would be some channel of communication.

In the current scenario, it seems more a figment of someone’s imagination, specially if you examine and read some of the information presented. My whole issue with this is why would you want to use anything like this to simply promote a movie. Which does lead one to question that was there ever any relationship ‎between these two individuals. Because this is whatever you may call this, this is mudslinging and a reluctant mudslinger is hope for civilization and civility.

When you constantly throw stones at someone and they don’t response back it doesn’t mean that the silent person is guilty. It just mean that person has decency and patience. But that too has its limits and I think with all her daft shenanigans KR actually drove people away from her side (even though it was an one sided story to begin with). All throughout the promotions of her last movie KR barely spoke about her actual movie which was up for release but only kept the conversation centered around HR like an obsessive stalker. She hardly spoke about her movie and as a result the same movie is one of the biggest disasters at the box-office this year.

I don’t have any personal affiliation with HR but I do respect him at lot more now and that’s what has motived me to pen this piece down because he is out there to face the music later tonight on national television with one of the hardest journalists out there. It’s not easy when the entire world and their aunt want to be drowned in self pity. For that simple reason, I feel the underdog has changed in this scenario and that’s why I prefer an uncomfortable Hrithik over an overconfident Kangana.

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