2018 has been a sensational year at the movies. It’s been six months and we have already have 10 certified hits from the Hindi movies, add to that the three clear cut Hollywood success to this and you have the best year at the movies in our history, period.

Almost all the movies in the last quarter have done better than even the biggest cynics would’ve predicted and that only tells us that, audiences want to watch movies in cinemas regardless of what the norms might be. Last couple of years many including myself have had a firm belief that given the amount of content out there for people to consume, spending big money and to go to the theatre is going to take a back seat. And numbers were there to back that theory as well. The bleak second half of 2017 and even the first quarter of 2018 is proof enough that audiences only wanted to come out if completely necessary for them i.e. for big event movies. But looking at the trends of the of 2018 one thing is crystal clear that audiences all across the country are more than willing to come out in big numbers to the cinemas.

Many factors can be attributed to that I feel, first of all its is the good content that has been around for people to take in. Almost every single movie has gone to open to a slightly better predicted number. The second quarter of the year is still not done yet with two massive movies like RACE 3 and SANJU releasing before the end of this month alone. These are your event movies from say another movie like HICHKI which  went on to do exceptional business when it releases in March. When a PADMAAVAT does the number it does, with three major territories banning the movie it is a big achievement; imagine the kind of business the movie would’ve done otherwise. On the other hand when a movie like 102 NOT OUT opens good and gets to do the business it does, it shows how audience behaviour is polarising to say the very least.

With great movies still lined up till the end of the year it looks likely to be a massive game changing year for the Hindi film industry where it is co-existing with the streaming threat plus the already dreadful piracy menace. Also the emerging new markets in China and even Japan are a big boost and will help build a future where things are really looking bright for us.

I had read it somewhere that when the winds of change blow, some build walls while some build windmills looks like we are in the latter category and Amen to that!!

By – Amul Vikas Mohan

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