The last movie of the year’s first quarter comes in with a knockout punch. The movie in question is BAAGHI 2 and if you happen to read just the opening day number of the movie without reading the title of the movie you will think it is one of the big boys and their pet franchise.

As we go to print the opening day number of BAAGHI 2 is touted to be in the range of 24.50-25 crores, it is obviously highest day one for a Tiger Shroff starrer but also the highest day one number of this year. People might argue that PADMAVAAT has a disadvantage of not releasing in four key centres but history only remembers the final number; it doesn’t pay any heed to the fine print. This day one total is historic in every sense of the word. And to think of it this is Tiger after two mega flops in his young career.

My father always used to tell me that this industry only has stars and actors. And the easiest way to tell them apart is that a star can give a few flops but with a right movie he could always bounce back stronger. That however is not the case with actors, they will obviously be yours and my favourites but a few back to back flops will dislodge their careers with a great impact.

All the credit shouldn’t be handed over to Tiger though, I genuinely believe that a lot of this has to do with the vision of super producer Sajid Nadiadwala. The way he goes about this business is testament of the fact that he knows the pulse of the masses. He has a knack for picking up movies that works almost all the time. That is the reason a lot the reason why a BAAGHI 2 works is because Nadiadwala believes in the product and has the confidence to back and mount a movie like this. The masterstroke was also to release the movie in over 3500 screens in the country giving Tiger his biggest screen count ever.

Next for Nadiadwala is the other massive franchise i.e. HOUSE FULL 4 in which he will reunite with his friend and director Sajid Khan who lives and breathes commercial cinema. Both in the past have given three major money spinners in HEYY BABYY, HOUSE FULL and HOUSE FULL 2.

This is also a great victory for commercial movies at a large, since a few years now people have started to gravitate towards realistic movies but every single time there is major commercial movie on the horizon it more or less breaks records on records at the box-office. Trade Magazine