This recently released movie had its makers running pillar to post to find a suitable leading lady to star opposite the leading man of the movie for some time before they finally locked on to the one who eventually did the role. The makers offered to role to not one but as many as five actresses in the industry who for some reason didn’t want to be a part of the movie. Some of the actresses the movie was offered to had not even had a proper release at that point of time but they still choose to refuse the movie for some absolutely reasons citing things like the role was under-written to too many kisses in the part. The actress who agreed to be a part of the movie eventually didn’t see it like the others who passed on the movie but saw the real potential in the film and the overall set-up and literally jumped at the chance to do the film. The movie has released and is working major wonders at the box-office. Like they say, it all about seeing the bigger picture. BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine