Director- Sanjay Jadhav

Music- Amit Raj. Pankaj Padgam

Cast- Sanjay Narvekar, Umesh Kamath, Siddharth Jadhav, Mrunal Kulkarni

This film is a laugh riot loosely based on comedy classics like ‘It’s a Mad Mad World’, and ‘A Fish called Wanda’. Sunny (Siddharth Jadhav) is an easy going fun loving street smart film ticket black-marketer who is in love with a beautiful wannabe star Bubbly (Tejaswini Pandit)  but she has dreams in her eyes and considers Sunny as fully faltoo but he too engages her with car drives borrowed from a bell boy at a five star hotel but one instance is like that Anna (Sanjay Narvekar) who is a recovery agent for a finance company has ten crores in his bag and his car is confiscated by Umesh Kamath who plays pranks on people but this time the prank bounces on them because the bag is stolen by one of Umesh’s associates and Anna also has ten crores stashed in a car which is used by a film unit to blow up and all the money is burnt away and Anna gives an ultimatum to Umesh to pay back the entire amount. So Umesh on the advice of his bank manager friend (Umesh- Bijay Anand) plan to steal diamonds from a very rich queen Mrs. Mazumdar (Mrunal Kulkarni) whose diamonds have been bequeathed to the government and now all the characters in the film are after the diamonds leading to one comic situation after another. But the climax is very surprising and is well written by the director Sanjay Jadhav and the dialogue writer Arvind Jagtap. The music is peppy and youthful. The cinematography by Pushpank Gawde is colorful and slick. Performance wise Sanjay Narvekar and Umesh Kamath steal the show. Siddharth Jadhav is his usual ebullient self. Tejaswini Pandit lends glamour to the film and she performs well too. Mrunal Kulkarni is her regal self. Bijay Anand returns to the big screen as a villain and does well. Yogesh Soman is good as the cop. Tushar Dalvi, Sonali Khare, Vishaka Subedar, Umesh Jadhav and the director Sanjay Jadhav himself as the narrator, lend good support.


At the box-office

The film will do well.

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