Certificate: A

Director: Cherag Ruparel

Starring: Vardhan Puri, Shivaleeka Oberoi & Jesse Lever

Written by: Cherag Ruparel & Vardhan Puri

YEH SAALI AASHIQUI is the story of revenge. Sahil Mehra (Vardhan Puri) and Mittee Deora (Shivaleeka Oberoi) are studying in a hospitality college in Shimla. Sahil is an orphan, and a proper small town boy with a good heart. Mittee joins the college on the first day of their Final Year of the college and Sahil in first glance falls for Mittee. It’s from here that the romance between the two young people starts. When they start dating, Sahil finds out that Mittee is just playing him and constantly lying to him and decides to break things with her. One day during the day of the exam, he catches Mittee copying and silently tells his best friend Venu (Jesse Lever), what she is doing. But Venu rats her out and Mittee faces severe trouble. Somehow she convinces the Dean of the college to not let her repeat the year, with the Dean stating that no matter how well she does in the exams she will not get more than 35% marks in her results, which is just barely passing. After this incident, she is found passed out in her college room and later at the hospital when Sahil goes to visit her, she begs him to give her another chance and Sahil decides to do that. From here, troubles start mounting for Sahil as somehow, someone starts driving a wedge in between Sahil and Venu. But trouble doesn’t end there, with each incident, Sahil kept getting more and more violent and to a point where he completely loses control when he is manipulated into thinking that one of the professors has gotten forcefully physical with Mittee. After the incident, he is arrested by the police and it turns out he is actually being blamed for the assault on Mittee. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

The first half of the film is slowly and less engaging, and is mainly a build up of the things that will transpire in the second half. The second half on the other hand is much more engaging and entertaining, and just lifts the film up. A few things in the film do seem a little farfetched but one could call it, “creative freedom”. The plot and the basic premise is not something new and out of the world as such but it has been handled well. The film could have been much better overall, if the script would have been written better. The film just really starts after the interval.

Technically, the film is fine. Cinematography by Pratik Shah is quite nice and elevates the intensity of a few scenes which works in their favour. Editing by Anirban Dutta is appropriate but he could have done better and cut some scenes short or remove them altogether. The production design and the costume design is fine. The script and the overall story could have been worked on more. The music works in the film.

Performance wise the film is good. Vardhan Puri has a double role in the film and he makes a good impression. He gets into the skin of his character very well. Shivaleeka Oberoi is superb in the film and slips in between her sweet and conniving character quite comfortably and she makes a good debut. Jesse Lever as Sahil’s best friend in the film is great and lends good support. The rest of the cast offer good support.

Director Cherag Ruparel does a decent job of directing the film, but he could definitely have done more to improve the film a whole lot.


At the box-office

The film has not opened well and will find going tough.

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