Produced By: Jayantilal Gada

Directed By: Cherag Ruparel

Starring: Vardhan Puri, Shivaleeka Oberoi, Swami Om


10 Crores

Estimated Budget


0.25 Crores

Our Opening Day Prediction

‘Yeh Saali Aashiqui’ is a romantic thriller. It shows there are two sides to every story. ‘Yeh Saali Aashiqui’ will take you on a journey where you are forced to think about what happens next. It’s a love story or a forced love turned into a story; is what still we have to find out. The trailer looks really intriguing and here are the factors we think will work in its favour.


The duo seems to be really promising and refreshing together on silver screen. Debutants Shivaleeka Oberoi and Vardhan Puri seem to have hit the right chord with the audience ever since the posters were out. Vardhan Puri is grandson of Amrish Puri. With him being a grandson of such a veteran actor we hoping the movie too does well. Shivaleela Oberoi used to be an assistant director and is making her debut with ‘Yeh Saali Aashiqui’.


Romantic drama always have their own charm but romantic thriller drama is more interesting to watch. It’s one of the most interesting genres as it keeps you on your feet and sometimes turns out to be nail bitingly scary. It is a genre that has ‘Love’ and ‘Thriller’ on the same page. ‘Yeh Saali Aashiqui’ seems to be an intriguing story which is yet to be figured out if it’s a love story or something else.


A well defined trailer is what you need to intrigue the audience; with ‘Yeh Saali Aashiqui’ trailer is truly justified. The trailer looks really good and is released well while giving a faint idea about the plot. It has some disturbing and confusing scenes for one to figure out what the story is actually about. It has been receiving great response and people look forward to what the film has to offer. The buzz created is great and hoping the films meets the expectation and is as good as the trailer.


‘Havaa Banke’ is a love song by Armaan Malik. In the song we can witness the chemistry between the two. It is full of passion and promises to leave the audiences love struck. The song is composed by Hitesh Modak and the lyrics have been penned by Tanveer Ghazi. ‘Sanki’ portrays the revenge full theme of film perfectly. ‘Sanki’ is sung by Arun HK, written by Tanveer Ghazi and the music is composed by Hitesh Modak.‘Yeh-Saali-Aashiqui’-Poster-1024x576.jpg‘Yeh-Saali-Aashiqui’-Poster-150x150.jpgSuper CinemaPrediction BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine