We get in chat with Zara Khan for her recently released ‘Khud Se Zyada’ in collaboration with Tanishk Bagchi. She tells us about the collaboration and how much she loves music as well as acting.

How was it collaborating with Tanishk Bagchi?

It was wonderful collaborating with him. He is so good at what he does, and is one of the best artists that the industry has right now; who is creating some amazing music. He is doing some great original compositions and recreations. I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better collaboration.

How do you feel about your new single ‘Khud Se Zyada’?

I feel really good with what I brought on board. I’m sure people are not able to see how happy I’m to be able to work with Tanishk but the people who see me and know me definitely know how happy and excited I am. I am happy because it’s a very beautiful song and is written very well. It’s a good product which went out in the market and did great. As artist we gave our 100% and rest I hope the audience love it.

Tanishk has not been on this side of camera and this is the first time for him so how was it during the shoot?

You should see the video. He looks like someone who has always been in front of camera. He looks like a natural really.

Can you tell me a bit about the process of recreation as you worked with the king of recreation…

I know a lot of people say that he is a recreation king and is the master of recreation and  I would love to tell you that definitely he because I have never heard anything as good as his recreations so far.  For some reasons people are missing out on the original compositions that he has done like ‘Sweety Tera Drama’, ‘Ve Maahi’, ‘Barish’, ‘Khud Se Zyada’ and there are many others. I had the privilege to listen to all the other tracks that are going to come out soon. I think he is overall a fantastic musician. He does really great work and there is a lot more in store in terms of him giving out good work.

How has 2019 been for you as you have entered music now!

It’s been a wonderful year because I have entered the music industry and I would say it’s a lucky and a very fun year. Music is something that is really close to my heart because my mother, grandmother, great grandmother have been into music so you can say it’s been passed on to the generation. Since I was 8 months into my mom’s womb she was performing somewhere so it’s like music has been with me on soul level. Music is something I really enjoy! It is beautiful… In 2019   there are so many great songs that came out and I feel independent music is also really shaping up well. VYRL is giving such a good platform for all its independent artist or regular artists who do playbacks; VYRL is giving them a chance to portray their music and their expression of music which is a very beautiful thing.  Which is one of the reasons, I was so happy that we collaborated with VYRL and everything has gone so well.

From when did you start doing music and knew you want to be a singer as well besides an actress?

When I was 11 years old that is when I started seeing music as something I love to hear. My inclination was more towards western classical so I used to listen to Celine Dion and Whitney Houston but at the same time I have a very desi side or Noor Jehan and  I think  we were very  lucky to be blessed with such an wonderful artist like her. She has given us some great music and these are the voices that I really followed a lot and looked up to. The music sensibilities that I have today are because of my mom. It’s beautiful to be inclined towards music and I think music is a beautiful form of expression and at the same time a beautiful feel and art.

I would like to know a bit about the genre of the song ‘Khud Se Zyada’?

It is a pop song and can even be called as a nice dance track. The drop of the song is really amazing and I really enjoyed it. It’s not just a track that you can dance to or the lyrics are not there for the sake of it because the lyrics are really meaningful and that is what gives soul to the song. In any form of art it is important to have justification to it and should be a reason to it and ‘Khud Se Zyada’ has that reason. CinemaInterviewsBollywood Trade Magazine