Aarya Review

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Starring: Sushmita Sen, Sikandar Kher, Namit Das, Vikas Kumar, Chandrachur Singh, Alexx O’Nell and others.

Directed by: Ram Madhvani, Sandeep Modi and Vinod Rawat.

What it is about:

Fashioned as a crime thriller, AARYA is an adaptation of Dutch thriller Penoza, Aarya tells us the story of a woman who is catapulted into the hot-seat of her dodgy family business. When Aarya’s world turns upside down, will she become the very thing she hated the most in order to protect her family and to what extent she will go is what will happen in her quest to protect her kids and family is what she series is largely about.

What we liked:

Sushmita Sen is brilliant; she is the heart and soul of this series. The series rests heavily on Sen’s capabilities and conviction to slip into different avatars, while maintaining her credibility in all the different roles her character has to perform. The characters and the actors contribute heavily to build up intrigue, despite a rather rudimentary premise. The show fleshes out characters apart from Aarya, and giving their respective actors enough screen-time to make them believable and some even memorable. Even the series focuses largely on Sushmita Sen, it gives enough space for other actors like Sohaila Kapur, Vikas Kumar and Namit Das to showcase their acting capabilities. It was refreshing to see Chandrachur Singh after a long time and he plays his part well. Sikandar Kher also plays his part to perfection. Story telling wise some challenges could have been that many things unfolds one after the other which could have created many complexities or rather take the focus away from the main plot but the directors does not let that happen. The series moves forward smoothly and is a pleasant and amusing to watch. The series moves swiftly, and that is its best quality because while the solidly written plot, detailed characters and smooth storytelling are all spot on, there are also the dips, contrived scenes, and loose ends, which we don’t quite have the time to dwell on. By the time we notice a flat register, we are already on to the next big thing in the tale.

What we didn’t like:

There is a lot to like in the series but some plot points come way too easy. Also don’t be surprised that as the shows unfolds the few mysteries in the show becomes predictable. Also some problems that the kids in the series go through especially the daughter and elder son are seen many times in different movies and series which has rather become a familiar trope now.

AARYA is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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