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Producer: Vishesh Bhatt

Director: Rishab Seth

Starring: Amol Parashar, Kavin Dave, Gulshan Grover, Swanand Kirkire, Smriti Kalra & Pawan Chopra

Written by: Rishab Seth & Aarsh Vora

Streaming on: Disney+ HotStar

CASH is a fictional take on Demonetization that was done by PM Narendra Modi back in November 2016. Arman Gulati (Amol Parashar) is a CEO of several failed start ups, but he doesn’t let it all dampen his spirits, as he is always on the lookout for his next start up. His partner in crime is his best friend Vivek (Kavin Dave), an accountant. While after demonetization people were looking to exchange their money, Arman and Vivek conjured up another way of filling his pockets. They realized while people are exchanging money, they’re going to help those who want to exchange their black money. But as one would expect, they find themselves in a mess with a struggling politician Gautam Acharya’s (Gulshan Grover) ill-earned income. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

This is an interesting take on an event that affected the whole country. Giving such an event a funny – comic twist is a good idea and has worked in the film’s favour because of the writing and the execution. Firstly, a big plus for the movie is that it doesn’t waste time and comes straight to the point. Secondly, the film is filled with puns, sarcasm and witty dialogues that land and tickle your funny bones. Not to mention that a lot of people will be able to relate to the plot. But the film has its downside too. While it comes straight to the point, it gets a bit stretched and the resolution doesn’t come as quick.

Technically, the film is good. Cinematography by Nagaraj Rathinam is good. Editing by Sherwin Bernard & Devendra Murdeshwar could have been slicker, especially after the mid-point, where it gets a bit stretched too. The music in the film isn’t so memorable, neither there is a scope for it in the film, they just unnecessary add to the runtime of the film. The production design and the costume design have been done well. The writing is fine, although, there were places where it could have improved.

Performances from the cast were good too. Amol Parashar is brilliant and he just gets into the skin of his character. Kavin Dave is a reliable and dependable support for Amol to fall on in the film. Smriti Kalra makes a confident debut as Neha. Gulshan Grover is in his element in the film and it was a natural role for him. The rest of the cast offer good support.

Director Rishabh Seth delivers and executes an entertaining flick that’s worth spending your time on.

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