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Starring: Swara Bhasker, Mahima Makwana, Askhay Oberoi, Vidya Malvade, Yudhishtir Urs

Directed by: Danish Aslam

Written by: Pooja Ladha Surti

What is it about:

Zoya (Mahima Makwana), the daughter of a rich NRI couple (Yudhister and Vidya Malvade) gets abducted as the prize package to be a sold with a whole bunch of girls in a human-trafficking ring that has spread its tentacles from Mumbai to Kolkata. Circumstances lead ACP Radha (Swara Bhasker) of the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit to investigate the case, leading to a shocking web of immorality, brutality and corruption being exposed while also revealing several deeply buried secrets.

What we liked:

What separates great web series from the decent ones are their ability to make you invested in the outcome of every little to large character, this web series exactly does the same with its It’s the top- notch writing (Pooja Ladha Surti), direction (Danish Aslam), editing (Prateek Harugoli) and performances that gel seamlessly together to make FLESH a web series to watch out for. It is a heart wrenching, thrilling drama which is one of the finest in a long time on OTT platform. Performances by each and every one is incredible, especially by Swara Bhasker and Akshay Oberoi. Swara Bhasker is the heart of the film and the rest of the cast does a phenomenal job.

What we didn’t like:

There are two plots that become annoying as they get added up in the episodes, also the makers could have reduce the violence shown in the series as it becomes a little too loud and can become difficult for so many to digest which can affect the brilliant work that has been done. FLESH is a brilliant series but is also disturbing, uncomfortable and scary which can affect its viewership.

FLESH is now streaming on EROS NOW.

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