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Hrithik Roshan

We at Super Cinema, were the first ones to report about the remake of Tamil super hit VIKRAM VEDHA a couple of years back. The film was hot property when it was released in 2017 and many major producers and even actors were lining up to pick up the film. The rights were eventually picked up by filmmaker Neeraj Pandey with the originals director duo Gayatri and Pushkar were locked to helm the remake as well. Now when they moved to the casting the film was seen by Aamir Khan and he was keen to sink his teeth into the villains’ character from the original. Aamir immediately gave his nod to star in the film and the makers then quickly moved to lock the police inspectors role for which they got Saif Ali Khan to say yes. Things were moving on rather smoothly until that is the pandemic hit all across the globe and shooting of any kind came to an absolute halt. Now with other prior commitments piling up Aamir has decided to mutually part ways from the project and move onto another film (watch this space for that exclusive news break right here). Now the makers who were getting the film ready to mount the sets by mid of 2021 have a major headache. Now according to our highly placed sources, the makers have pitched the film to none other than Hrithik Roshan for the role of VEDHA and the actor has also given his nod to this author-backed role. Now things are moving back into gear and the film will mount the sets in  the later half of the coming new year. Saif Ali Khan is still very much part of the film as well. Now let’s wait and watch out for an official announcement on this very soon.

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