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Starring: Mouni Roy, Purab Kohli, Kulraj Randhawa

Directed by: Kanwal Sethi

What is it about:

The film is based in the Post COVID-19 era, in a time where the Chinese have apparently leaked a virus deadlier than COVID. The virus had already started to spread between the Indo-Chinese border. Undercover RAW agent Biren Ghosh (Diljohn Singh) has managed to contact a Chinese ‘source’, who he was planning to present at a conference in London as evidence of their latest wrongdoing. But in a turn of events, seven days before the conference, Biren goes missing and a day later, his body surfaces in Thames. It is evident, someone found out his plan and there is a mole in the Indian agency and the info had leaked to the Chinese MSS. With six days to find out what happened and contain the virus, Uma (Mouni Roy) heads to pick up from where things were left off, with only a clue to start from; a Chinese painting, which Biren left for her. Uma needs to figure, who was Biren’s source and more importantly who is the mole among them? What happens next forms the rest of the film.

What we liked:

The film’s main characters are all women, no wokeness and all focused on the job. It can be called a women centric film, in its true sense and it’s good to see. The basic plot of the film is rather engaging and seems gripping. The performances by the actors were great and everyone did justice to their characters and put no foot wrong. The best part about the film is that it is very crisp at a runtime of one hour and 14 minutes.

What we didn’t like:

While the basic plot is engaging, the story lacks consistency. The actors, while they did justice to their characters with their performance, same cannot be said the other way round. Some characters seem too shabbily written. A few things in the film seem to have been forcefully added and make no impact on the plot whatsoever. The plot also loses its way from the problem at hand and focuses unnecessarily on the sobby back stories. Not all were required. The runtime of the film is crisp but the story telling is not. Predictably, the film turned out to be very predictable as well. This espionage thriller is not as thrilling and entertaining as one would hope.

LONDON CONFIDENTIAL now streaming on ZEE5.

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