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In these ever changing and frankly unprecedented times no one has the key to all the questions. Everyone is playing everything by the ear and coming to conclusions after a lot of thinking and assessing the situation in front of them. But some still are stuck in their old ways and are proving to be a major hinder in their own work. Take the case of this filmmaker who has a film ready. The movie was going to release in the second quarter of 2020 had things been normal but obviously that has not been the case. The studio backing the project has got a frankly sensational offer from one of the major OTT platforms to take the film and do a digital release of the same. But the filmmaker isn’t budging. The filmmaker feels that his film deserves a traditional release in a cinema first and isn’t ready to part with the film just like that. Now our sources claim that the film was internally screened but failed to excite the studio that much and the studio feels given the overall uncertainty regarding the cinemas it is going to be a very risky proposition to sit on the film. Both are locked in at loggerheads and it will be interesting to see how things pan out eventually for the film.

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