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Starring: Kumud Mishra, Divya Dutta, Akarsh Khurana

Directed by: Nitin Kakkar

Written by: Sharib Hashmi and Nitin Kakkar

What is it about:

Firstly, the film doesn’t only pay homage to Charlie Chaplin but is also a tribute to the circus artists and performers. The film is about what happens to the employees, when a circus they are working at shuts down. One of those employees is protagonist Ramsingh (Kumud Mishra). He has been with the circus since he was a child. He had perfected the act of Charlie Chaplin very well and hence everyone calls him Charlie. He doesn’t belong to the outside world and he realizes that once the circus shuts down. Since, he cannot land any job, he resorts to rickshaw pulling. Since he doesn’t have money, he sends his wife (Divya Dutta) to their native village. His aim is to earn enough money so that he can be an owner of a circus and bring the circus days back to life. What is shown in the film is his journey and does he realize his dream or no, forms the rest of the film.

What we liked:

Not implying that the makers have done it intentionally or anything as such, but there are shades of MERA NAAM JOKER in this film and works in their favour. The makers have had their heart in the right place while making this film. The message gets out strongly and by the end of the film, you are moved. What’s even better is the actor who played Ramsingh and brought the character alive. Kumud Mishra delivers such an effortless performance. He plays the part earnestly and great dignity. Divya Dutta supports him well. She’s given a strong performance as well and scenes involving both of them really leave a mark on you.

What we didn’t like:

The story had a lot of potential but it fails to live upto it. The film isn’t consistent at all, especially the latter half of the film which seems to have been hurried a little. It also tries to complicate the obstacles a lot. It’s like things get bad and they seem to be getting better and they get worse again and it doesn’t fit well, especially for a story like this, or at least have the pace proper to make it that way. Also, except for the protagonist and the wife, the rest of the character plots haven’t been sketched out properly.

RAMSINGH CHARLIE, now streaming on SonyLiv.

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