Rasbhari Review

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Starring: Swara Bhaskar, Ayushmaan Saxena and Rashmi Agdekar.

Director: Nikhil Bhatt.

What it’s about: 

The story of this web-series is based in the small town of Meerut. The new English Shanu (Swara) comes to live in Meerut with her husband and overnight becomes the fantasy of her students and neighbours. Among all the men and boys captivated by her is Nand Kishore (Ayushmaan Saxena) who dreams of losing his virginity before he finishes his high school. The big problem with him is that, whichever girl he talks to the girls develop a brotherly vibe towards him, including the odd one who makes her advances quite apparent to him. Things really change for him after the arrival of Shanu and he falls head over heels for her. He is so taken with her that he even signs up private tuition with her just to get close to her. Things start escalating soon and he starts hearing things like Shanu makes out with a lot of men. The women of the town are so angry with her that they decide to lead a charge against her for ‘stealing’ their husbands. Into this mix, a mention of Rasbhari, the teacher’s alter ego who, we are told is the spirit of a courtesan, keeps coming up. Is Rasbhari real or just a figment of imagination? What happens next forms the rest of the story.

What we liked: 

The idea and the intent behind making the show is good and the basic plot of the show is good as well. Swara Bhaskar does very well in the author backed role. The young actors Ayushmaan and Rashmi are wonderful to watch as well and do a nice job. The series consists of 8 episodes and that works highly in its favour.

What we didn’t like:

While the intent of the show is good, the execution is very bad. The plot while being good, the story doesn’t do justice and is very weak. The characters come across half baked. The series is of eight episodes but one has to wait till episode four or five till the story really starts to pick up and that’s just too late. The story telling could have been so much better as well. The purpose of the show gets lost among the episodes as well and you don’t really know where this is going and why? All and all is an opportunity missed.

RASBHARI is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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