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Director: Hardik Mehta

Starring: Rajkummar Rao, Janhvi Kapoor, Varun Sharma

Written by: Mrighdeep Singh Lamba & Gautam Mehra

The story of ROOHI is based in the small town of Baagadpur. Working in town as crime journalists are Bhawra Pandey (Rajkummar Rao) and Kattanni Qureshi (Varun Sharma). While they are crime journalists,, they also dabble in committing crime themselves in their free time. They specialize in ‘pakdaai shaadi’ aka bride kidnapping, an accepted custom in Baagadpur. They also specialise in ‘pakdaai shaadi’ aka bride kidnapping, an accepted custom in Baagadpur; and as per the custom after the kidnapping the bride is directly taken to the marriage hall. One day, their boss, Guniya Shakeel (Manav Vij) orders them to kidnap a girl, Roohi (Janhvi Kapoor), from a nearby town, Mujaribaad. They both manage to kidnap her but while on their way to the hall, they hear the news that the groom’s uncle has passed away suddenly and the marriage can only take place after a week. Till then, Bhawra and Kattanni are told to keep her as a hostage in an abandoned property in the hills of Ambiyapur.

On the first night, when Bhawra goes to offer her food, he realizes that Roohi is possessed. But Kattanni refuses to believe him. But later even he sees the possessed side of Roohi and instead of being frightened, he falls in love with her. Bhawra on the other hand is in love with non possessed Roohi. While he thinks of ways to get rid of the ghost possessing her, Kattanni doesn’t want him to succeed as the ghost possessing her would leave Roohi forever. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

The main plot of the film is interesting. But the screenplay only manages to be interesting in parts. The screenplay lacks consistency and that’s the main issue. Even the build up to the climax is great but the climax felt a *little* disappointing. Some scenes are exceptional but that’s not enough to lift the film up. The film does entertain you though, despite all its flaws and that is owed to the acting performances.

Technically, the film is good. Cinematography by Amalendu Chaudhary is great. He captures the locales brilliantly. Editing by Huzefa Lokhandwala is okay, could have been fine tuned. The production design and the costume design is great and seemed authentic. Sachin-Jigar’s music is good. Nadiyon Par is the pick of the lot, which plays before the film starts. The VFX is great. Writing is the only thing that has been a let down in the film due to the lack of its consistency.

Performances from the cast were brilliant as expected. Rajkummar Rao is in his element as usual. He delivers a fantastic performance. Janhvi Kapoor gives an earnest performance. Although she doesn’t have many dialogues in the film, she makes it up by being brilliant with her expressions. Varun Sharma is hilarious as ever. You know you will laugh every time he is on the screen. He doesn’t have much to do in the last thirty minutes or so but he’s done well. Manav Vij gives a fine performance. Sarita Joshi is hilarious too and we wish she had a bigger role in the film. The rest of the cast offer great support.

Hardik Mehta’s direction is average. Like the screenplay, his direction and execution lack consistency as while some scenes have been handled superbly others have been a bit of a letdown.

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