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Director: Kaashvi Nair

Starring: Arjun Kapoor, Neena Gupta, Rakul Preet Singh

Written by: Anuja Chauhan & Kaashvi Nair

Dialogues by: Amitosh Nagpal

Streaming on: Netflix

SARDAR KA GRANDSON is the story of a guy trying to fulfill the wish of his grandmother. Amreek (Arjun Kapoor) resides in Los Angeles with his girlfriend Radha (Rakul Preet Singh). They are running a movers and packers company together. Amreek has a very laidback and carefree attitude and because of that Radha breaks up with him, which leaves Amreek devastated. This is when his father Gurkeerat aka Gurki (Kanwaljit Singh) calls him from his home in Amritsar, Punjab, saying he should return home soon as Sardar (Neena Gupta), is sick. Sardar, aged 90, has a tumour, and is on the deathbed and Doctors have also recommended to not operate as it might make things even worse. He returns home. Sardar conveys to him what could possibly be her last wish. She wants to go to Lahore, Pakistan and visit the house that she built with her husband, late Gursher Singh (John Abraham) in 1946. A year later, during Partition, Gursher dies while fighting the rioters. Sardar however escapes and reaches India. Hence it is her wish to go to Pakistan and visit her house once more. How Amreek tries to make her wish come true and what trouble he faces become the rest of the film.

The plot of the film is very noble and new. The story is promising and interesting as well. The screenplay despite having some flaws comes through because of the novel and simple idea that it has. Yes the flaws could have been ironed out as well and that will be the biggest disappointment with the film because as good as the film has come off, with the flaws ironed out it could have been even better.

Technically, the film is great. Cinematography by Mahendra J Shetty is appropriate. He captures the scenes well. Editing by Maahir Zaveri is okay. He could have done something about the length of the film which feels about 15 mins or so longer than it should have been.  The production design and the costume design are realistic. The music is not of the chartbuster variety but works well when woven with the narrative. The writing is good but as mentioned earlier, there was scope for improvement.

The performances in the film are great. Arjun Kapoor is in great form. He gives an earnest performance and does it with great ease. Easily classifies as one of his best performances. Rakul Preet Singh doesn’t have much to do in the first half but has a good role to play in the second half and she impresses with her performance. Kanwaljit Singh is dependable. Neena Gupta as Sardar is brilliant. She delivers an endearing performance. The rest of the cast offer good support.

Director Kaashvi Nair delivers and executes the film well. It is a difficult film to execute and Kaashvi does a decent job.

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