South Mumbai’s iconic single screen theatre Central Plaza shuts down

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Central Plaza, South Mumbai’s iconic single screen theatre which closed its curtains in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, closes down indefinitely and is most likely to not open up again. Reason being; the owners cannot afford to sustain it anymore. High property tax, especially in South Mumbai, is also one of reasons behind closing operations. Central Plaza was acquired by Pranlal Doshi and Ganesh J Vartak in 1967-68 from KK Modi’s Western India Theatres Ltd, the first public limited company in the Indian exhibition trade. The Doshis and the Vartaks still own it jointly. In his statement to the Marathi daily, Sakal, Dilip Vartak, the co-owner of Central Plaza, said, “We don’t know when theatres will open again. We can’t afford to pay the various taxes and electricity bills anymore, that’s why we have decided to shut down our theatre for an indefinite period.”

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