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Created by: Vikas Bahl

Directed by: Vikas Bahl & Rahul Sengupta

Starring:  Sunil Grover, Ranvir Shorey, Ashish Vidyarthi, Mukul Chadda and Girish Kulkarni

Written by: Vikas Bahl

Streaming on: Zee5

The story of SUNFLOWER is a comedy thriller. The story begins in Sunflower cooperative housing society, where a man has been murdered by his neighbor who injects poison into coconut water left at the door. When Mumbai police officers— Digendra (Ranvir Shorey) and Chetan Tambe (Girish Kulkarni) begin investigating, their suspect list included everyone. Everyone was called one by one to be interrogated. Leading the psychopaths of the society (at least in terms of craziness and creepiness) is Sonu (Sunil Grover), who is a lonely creepy sales representative who doesn’t miss a chance to talk to any women, even the insurance callers, and anonymously orders cake for his female colleagues. He becomes the lead suspect for the cops. What happens next forms the rest of the show.

Vikas has the right idea behind making the show. But somewhere along the lines, the writing doesn’t really work well. A comedy thriller filled with dark humour, is a great idea that sells. But the story doesn’t support it so well. Firstly the characters; everyone is too colourful. Each of the characters has been assigned a stereotype and that has been multiplied ten folds in this show for nothing else than comedic effect. Even then, it fails to generate laughs and despite that has to resort to cheap tricks to generate humour. That’s the issue with writing. Somewhere from the beginning till we get to the end we forget what exactly we watched this far for. The writers in trying to make this a comedy thriller, have exactly managed to make it neither.  But credit where it is due and that’s the acting performances which have now become a saving grace for a lot of content out there right now.

Technically, the series is fine. Cinematography is appropriate. The show has been edited well but there was scope for improvement. The production design and the costume design are both good. While music doesn’t really have much scope here, the BG score has been done well. Writing has been the weakest thing about the show.

Performances were the best thing about the show. Sunil Grover is in top form. Since it is a comedy, it is his own turf and he owns it, effortlessly. Ranvir Shorey is brilliant as ever. No matter how well or how badly written his character is, he comes with his best everytime. The veteran in this show is Ashish Vidyarth who put no foot wrong with his performance; a very composed performance. Mukul Chadda was excellent. The rest of the cast offer abled performance.

Directors Vikas Bahl & Rahul Sengupta execute the show to the best of their abilities but are marred by the poorly written story.

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