Tiger Shroff, Riteish Deshmukh & Shraddha Kapoor

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‘Baaghi’ is one of the biggest action franchise films we have today and just as its third installment has released; we catch up with the trio – Tiger Shroff, Riteish Deshmukh and Shraddha Kapoor for a chat around it. While Shraddha returns to this after giving the second one a miss; Riteish is the new entrant to the franchise. Of course, the man himself continues to be the face of the franchise. Excerpts from that chat:

Tiger-ShroffInterestingly, ‘Baaghi 3’ was announced during ‘Baaghi 2’ itself. Was the script ready at that point and have there been any changes from there on?

Tiger: No, we had just announced it but at that point, we had no idea as to what we were making. We were just so happy with the product that ‘Baaghi 2’ was that, Sajid bhai already announced the third part.

Was it challenging to do the action in such cold?
Tiger: While doing action, I didn’t feel the cold as much because my body was warm but in-between shots it was difficult because after warming-up you are again cooling down. Your muscles get still in such weather so in that climate it gets difficult. But we’ve definitely scaled up the action. It’s like man V/s man, man V/s machine and nature. He is fighting helicopters, tanks and all the action you’re seeing is live. There’s very less VFX that’s being used in the film. So, I’ll give all the credit to Ahmed sir, Sajid sir.

Do you believe that an action film also needs to be backed by emotions?
Tiger: If there’s no emotion or motive then the again just becomes a story. Once there is a reason then the action multiplies and then the audience is with you as well.

Also, you’ve contributed to the action choreography in the film…
Tiger: I feel lucky that my director or producer are open to my suggestions. My director used to always ask me for my inputs and I used to happily give it to him without over-stepping only because I’m aware of my capabilities and till where my body can go. For example, we’re fighting tanks. I have never heard
of tank action before or seen it before; neither has my director. I was just wondering how do it choreograph is with tanks. Because we didn’t know how the tanks work and the army had given them to us only for a certain amount of days. We didn’t even get time to rehearse. So, everything with regards
to that sequence was choreographed on set spontaneously. But we got lucky and finally got the shot.

How was your experience of working with Riteish Deshmukh for the first time?

Tiger: I was a little anxious earlier because he’s such a huge star and an amazing actor. I just hoped that I give him the right cues and share a healthy give and take with him. Luckily when I met him, he was so cool, down to earth and easy to gel with. We did a few workshops, readings and from then it was just flying. The chemistry we’ve shared just organically happened.

You’ve never been worried about being typecast as an action star!

Tiger: Right now I feel blessed to be in an industry where there is so much competition, talent. It’s very difficult to create an identity for yourself. Whatever little I am, it’s only because of my action. So, I feel proud of it.

Shraddha, you’ll complete a decade in the industry with this film. What’s the feeling like?

Shraddha: I can’t believe that it’s already been 10 years and I have to pinch myself to believe that ten years have just gone by.

Did you miss being a part of ‘Baaghi 2’?

Shraddha: Let’s just say I’m happy to be a part of ‘Baaghi3’ and play this particular character. It’s something I’ve not done before. The personality traits which she has is a lot of fun and she’s very energetic. I had a blast playing her also because it was so different also to jump into this from ‘Chicchore’. The energy and rhythm was a lot more different and pacy as a character I would say. So, even the way she would speak, it took a couple of days to just get used to that. I was very happy with that change also.

While the male actors aren’t usually replaced in a franchise, the female actors are more often. What do you have to say about that?

Shraddha: I think whatever role is meant to come to you will come. When a role comes to me, I think that there’s something which I’ll bring to the table which will add value to the film. This producer can also be answered by the directors and producers and also, it depends on the actors also if they want to continue being a part of the film. Even they may not want to do a fi lm. For me, I did this film because it’s adding value to me and vice versa. It’s a character I’ve never played before. ‘Street Dancer’ was a character I’ve never played before. So, that’s why I wanted to do the film.

Shraddha, in your ten year old journey so far, do you look at any roles in retrospect and feel may be you could have given that a skip?

Shraddha: Every role I’ve done so far, is something I’m proud of, irrespective of how it’s done because this is something I’ve wanted ever since I was a little girl. There was a moment where I felt that it might not come true – which was after my first two films. That was very shattering but all thanks to the support of my parents and loved ones; I think the fact that I’m only doing what I love doing is a big thing for me. So, I love every role I’ve been doing. It’s a big deal for me.

Riteish, what did you like about ‘Baaghi 3’? Again this is such a change from ‘Marjaavan’.

Riteish: In my real life we are three brothers and the kind of relationship I share with my brothers is what I even found in this script. Here the situation, the dynamics are different but the love for your brother that you can go for any extend for him – was relatable. There are very few relationships; someone just fights with someone for you. This feeling is very special.

You’ve recently announced that your film on Shivaji will be a trilogy. So, has the success of ‘Tanhaji’ also kind of further motivated that?

Riteish: I think it’s too early to talk about it but all I can say is, it’s my dream project and it’s wonderful to collaborate with Nagraj Manjule – I think he is one of the best directors in the country. Talking about the success of ‘Tanhaji’ – I think not just that but the success of any film definitely gives a boost to other films; say historical films or films in general for people to go to the theaters and come and experience it on a big screen.

Have you ever felt like doing a large-scale full action film?

Riteish: I’ve done action with ‘Lai Bhaari’ and ‘Maavli’ though it’s another language but it still brings in a certain skill set right? As an actor I have a certain skill set, now whether I bring it in Marathi or Hindi, it’s the same for me. So, when it comes to action, I’ve had the opportunity to do that. But when it comes to comparing something to the scale of ‘Baaghi 3’, then no; I’ve never really done something like this. ‘Baaghi 3’ in itself is the biggest action film we’ve witnessed in recent times. There are certain things that when you see Tiger do it, only he does it so convincingly. When you see some people, you know they’re doing action in an action film but when you see Tiger do it – that’s like poetry in motion. That’s just beautiful to see.

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