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If there is an unsaid rule in the industry it’s got be that of time is money. Nowadays there is just so much content been made that almost all major heads of departments are blocked for months on end. To get a get HOD on your film or web show is like searching for gold-dust these days in the industry. So here is a tale of a head of department who was locked into work on a big fi lm some time ago. The fi lm couldn’t go on the sets a couple of times which was told to him. He adjusted his dates without much fuss as it’s a norm for film’s start date to move around with so many logistical things to be taken care of. But the same thing happened a few more times and now the film is finally going to mount the sets in a couple of months. This head of department, however, had enough of this, because he has ended up losing on a lot of work because of this constant back and forth. According to our sources, he has now billed the company which has hired him for all the days he has missed work because of the constant shift in the schedule of the film. The company has no other way around this and is going to pay him, just to keep him on the film as it will be next to impossible to get anyone new onto the project this last minute before finally starting.

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