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Tribhanga - Tedhi Medhi Crazy


Director: Renuka Shahane

Starring: Kajol, Mithila Palkar, Tanvi Azmi & Kunaal Roy Kapur

Written by: Renuka Shahane

Streaming On: Netflix

TRIBHANGA – TEDHI MEDHI CRAZY is the story of three generations of women from the same family. The story of the film shuffles between the past and the present. A writer, Milan (Kunaal Roy Kapur), interviews award winning author Nayantara Apte (Tanvi Azmi) for her biography. Besides her passion for writing, she reflects upon her failed marriages and how it may have adversely affected her children — Anuradha (Kajol) and Robindro (Vaibhav Tatwawaadi). Anuradha rows up to be a renowned Odissi dancer and a successful Bollywood actor. She is also a single mother, who is protective of her daughter Masha (Mithila Palkar), given her own experiences. The three ladies are all different from each other but still in a way, the same. Anuradha doesn’t call Nayantara ‘aai’ (mother) for reasons disclosed in due course. Things start coming into light after Nayan slips into a coma after a brain stroke. This makes Anuradha think back on her relationship with her mother and the future with her daughter. What happens next, forms the rest of the film.

The premise of the film is quite interesting but the narration falls short. The film can’t decide if it’s a drama or a dramedy or is it trying to take on the topic with a bit of black comedy. It never really finds its footing till the last minute. The film had a lot of potential but it would have required a lot of positive changes to achieve that. Renuka Shahane tries to blend this film with a lot of different things but they never mix together and nothing compliments the other.

Technically, the film is astute. Cinematography by Baba Azmi is good, no foot has been put wrong. Editing is fine but could have better. Some scenes could have been excluded. The writing has been the villain of the film and it shows. The costume design and the production design have been excellent.

Acting performances have been good. Kajol makes an effortless performance and does what is required of her without breaking a sweat. She gives her best. But it was a little over the top than required in the film at some places. Tanvi Azmi plays her part earnestly. Mithila who finishes the triangle has very less to do in the film, fault for which goes some faulty writing. But Mithila gives a good performance, as expected. Kunaal Roy Kapoor does fine. Even though his character seems annoyingly outdated but he did his part well. The rest of the cast offer able support.

Director Renuka Shahane has a brief idea of what she wants of the film but she herself comes at fault for failing to narrate it and execute it well.

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